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Peter Heyneman

Harris Wittels is dead. Besides being one of my favorite podcast voices, his band is beautiful. I’ve been listening to this goofy shit for the past 20 hours and it’s taken on some kind of cosmic significance. Rest in foam bro.

They’ll be shrooming in Branson tonight.

Jenn Tisdale

Every time I try to convince people that my life is more than the sum of its 1990’s parts, something like this happens. While shopping in the weird market by my house earlier today, this came on over the store’s speakers. I am sure I haven’t hears this song since 1995 but I was so jazzed about it playing in 2015 that I shopped an extra unnecessary 4+ minutes just to hear the whole thing. Plus, due to the INSANELY cold weather I imagine a lot of folks have been sitting up in their rooms.

Phil Runco

MC Hammer “Pumps and a Bump”

For when you can’t decide whether you want to pump and bump something.

Jeb Gavin

Sleater-Kinney “A New Wave”

It’s the kids from Bob’s Burgers rocking out to an in home Sleater-Kinney show, plus psychedelics. What’s not to like?

Girl Band “Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?”

Because sometimes when you’re waiting for something ludicrous to happen, it doesn’t. Then it does.

Bryce Rudow

Blink 182 “Aliens Exist”

Blink 182 was known for being screwballs who didn’t take themselves too seriously in interviews, but now Tom Delonge is old and weird and giving interviews claiming the FBI tapped his phone because of aliens and it’s stopped being haha funny and more ‘aww that’s sad’ funny.