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Svetlana Legetic

  • PANAMA Wedding – “All of The People” (RAC Remix)
    Basically the closest you’ll get to a song that the Schwartzman brothers haven’t made together yet (which means perfect for spring).
  • Blood Orange  – You’re Not Good Enough
    All of the Palo Alto soundtrack, 24/7.


Brandon Weight

  • Modest Mouse x Smashmouth – “Modest Mouth”
    I just bought tickets to see Modest Mouse and Brand New in Queens late this summer, and this is the only song I want to hear.


Alyssa Moody with a Bonus Smashmouth Mashup

  • John Lennon x Smashmouth – “Imagine All Star People”
    Oh I’ve just been listening to this Smashmouth / John Lennon mashup and nothing else.

Phil Runco

  •  DJ Mustard ft. YG, Jeezy & Que
    Dijon McFarlane–the uncontested, reigning champ of Keep It Simple, Stupid–recruits some buddies to pay tribute to a token Hispanic friend. YG gets the song’s basic premise and does a commendable job stringing together some racial stereotypes. He even throws in a bit about helping his Best Vato Forever cross the border to see his family. It’s heartwarming stuff. Then Jeezy and Que show up and make a bunch of Mexican food references. So, yeah, this is a pretty stupid song. It’s basically “My N*gga” rebranded for regional distribution . But if you don’t think too hard about it, it’s hard not to enjoy. Simple pleasures.
  • Ricky Eat Acid – “In My Dreams We’re Almost Touching”
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    P.S. Shout out Carly Loman for this BYT x-clusive.
  • Girl Talk & Freeway ft. Young Chris – “Tell Me Yeah”
    This is some essential spring/summer BBQ mix material. (Bonus points for the “what I’m cooking up” line.)


Morgan Baskin

  • Emma Louise & Wankelmut – “My Head Is A Jungle “
    If you’re an avid Grey’s Anatomy fan, you might recognize the original version of this song from later seasons. If not, you’re in for a damn amazing treat anyway because this song is HOT and the remix is just as great.
  • Emma Louise & Wankelmut – “My Head Is A Jungle ” (MK Remix)
    Or, if you want a longer more repetitive version because you don’t want the disco goodness to end, try the eight-minute MK Remix:
  • Alt-J – “Dancing in the Moonlight” (cover)
    I can’t even breathe when I hear this song because it’s everything an acoustic cover should ever be: folksy, soft and sincere. Do yourself a favor and listen.


Alan Zilberman

  • Simon James Phillips – “Ellipsis”
    It’s been rainy this week, so weirdly experimental neo-classical music is my jam. Sounds like rain, right?


Farrah Skeiky

Remixes make you love a song more in one of two ways: they either emphasize the part you love the most, or the absence of your favorite aspect is missing, and that absence only amplifies your appreciation. I love these remixes because they do the former.

  • The xx – “Basic Space” (Sampha Remix) 
    Sometimes I forget what the original version of this song sounds like, because this remix is that good. It easily feels like something one of the band members would have crafted if they were DJing their own stuff live. 
  • Yelle – “Comme un Enfant” (Freaks remix) 
    The first time I heard this remix, I thought it was the most obnoxious thing in the world. Now, I know it’s the most obnoxious thing in the world, but I love it regardless. It’s easily the best remix of the Safari Disco Club remixes (yep, there’s a whole album) and has me thinking that Yelle should tour with some of these DJs alongside CSS.
  • Black Ghost – “Any Way You Choose To Give It” (The Whip Remix)
    This is one of the first remixes I ever listened to. The concept was new to me and I was originally opposed– a younger Farrah thought that if a song was so good, why would you mess with it to supposedly show your love? I was so ignorant back then. So, so ignorant.
  • I Blame Coco – “Quicker” (Shook Remix) 
    I’ve never heard the original version of this song. I don’t want to. I heard this first and I feel like after all these years of it living in my iTunes library, hearing the original would make me feel some type of way. Probably not a good type of way. Guess I’m still ignorant.


Marcus Dowling

  • Fatima Al Qadiri – “Szechuan” 
    Fatima was born in Senegal and grew up in Kuwait during the Gulf War and now lives in Brooklyn. She makes bass music that’s typically more for the intellectual set, her latest (May 5th released) album, Asiatisch – for the UK’s Hyperdub Records – is still “smart,” but it’s just so ear-worming for everyone that it demands a listen. Conceptually, she;s using bass music as a canvas by which to interpret Western stereotypes of Asian culture. “Szechuan” is South London by South China Sea, and is a fantastic listen.
  • Branko feat. JSTJR – “Broken”
    Branko’s a DJ with Portuguese global underground stars Buraka Som Sistema. JSTJR is a tropical bass producer on the rise from New Hampshire that’s represented by DC’s own CUFF Management. The sound here is zouk bass, meaning that Afro-Caribbean zouk is slowed to about 90 BPM (if the story sounds familiar, yes, it was inspired by moombahton). This is lovelorn R & B from the future, and the type of groove that invites you to listen, and if with your partner, a whole lot more. Enjoy!
  • The Last Poets – “N***ers Are Scared of Revolution”
    1970s’s most powerful proto-rap song still bears true in 2014. Pathetic, amazing, intriguing…I’ll let you choose the adjective, but only after you take a listen.


Jenn Tisdale

  • N*SYNC – “It’s Gonna Be Me”
    Because every May the Internet LOVES this joke and treats it like it’s the first time, every time.


David Carter

  • Margot MacDonald – “Twice”
    This woman. Loop pedal artist.