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Andrew Bucket

Sin With Sebastian “Shut Up”

So. Many. Outfits.

Right Said Fred “You’re My Mate”

No one has ever danced to this. Ever. But it’s so fun.

Army of Lovers “Crucified”

I first saw this on Beavis and Butthead and they made fun of it but now I realize that it’s super weird and cool.

Peter Heyneman

Mighty Sparrow “Xmas Moppers”

It’s all Christmas now all the time for the next 40 days or whatever it is. This one is laughably full of shitification.

Svetlana Legetic

Conan + Dave Franco “Tinder”

Not a song (technicalities!), but: a. better than any song you’re listening to and b. a great way to get hyped up for the weekend/life/weekendlife.

Alan Zilberman

Escort “Dancer”

Nothing gets me in the mood for a weekend of holiday parties quite like a dozen-plus piece disco orchestra.

Jeb Gavin

Esme Patterson “The Glow”

She wrote an entire album from the viewpoint of women mentioned in classic songs. This is in response to the Beach Boys’ “Caroline, No.”

Tristan Lejeune

Weezer “Da Vinci”


Sometimes, it genuinely seems like Rivers Cuomo pairs his stoopidest, mind-of-a-middle-schooler lyrics with the best hooks and crunchiest guitar parts he can think of. The chorus of this track explains: “Even Da Vinci couldn’t paint you / And Stephen Hawking can’t explain you / Rosetta Stone could not translate you / I’m at a loss for words.” Clearly. Dumber than a bag of rocks, right? Cept it’s not so easy to stop humming it. The term for a song that gets stuck in your head is an “ear worm,” and worms are not exactly famous for their intelligence.

Jose Lope-Sanchez

D’Angelo “Spanish Joint”

I read Dave Chappelle’s interview with GQ a few weeks ago, and Dave talked briefly about D’Angelo, and how he’s sure that he’s still making music. So, of course, I decided to revisit Voodoo. It’s an incredible album, and the production value is outstanding – everything down to the tuning of the snares is impeccable. Record labels aren’t throwing that kind of money around these days, and it is really fun to listen to a great piece of music created right before Napster changed everything.

Bryce Rudow

Butthole Surfers “Pepper”

While writing about the Ferguson protests, I realized this Electriclarryland gem summed it up pretty well: “You never know just how to look through other people’s eyes.”