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Josh Phelps

Buckcherry  – “Say Fuck It”


Svetlana Legetic

Buckcherry  – “Say Fuck It”


Brandon Weight

Buckcherry  – “Say Fuck It”


Andrew Bucket

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – da requiem

Love or even companionship is but a brief distraction from the ultimate truth that we are alone and will die in a strange and unfamiliar place.

Eric Clapton – “Tears In Heaven”

In 2005 I lost my virginity to a dance remix of this song. I couldn’t find it but here’s the original.

Peter Heyneman

Kitty – “Miss U”

Is it Ringtone? Is it post-pop? Is it just slightly-above-mediocre house music? IDK. It is catchy AF though. Also evidence of really solid songwriting and a Drake-like commitment to vocal improvement. Kitty might fuck around and go from weird twitter ingenue to actual pop-star one of these days. But she’ll always be Kitty from the Dock right?

Alan Zilberman

Creepoid – “Yellow Wallpaper”

I’m pretty sure the percussion is the same as “Young Folks” by Peter, Bjorn, and John, except the guitars are way creepier and so is the singer. I like my guitar pop to sound like it’s actively trying to give me a nightmare.

Marcus Dowling

Just listen to Brodinski’s “Can’t Help Myself” (featuring Chicago emcee SD) and Tiga’s “Bugatti” (featuring Pusha T) on repeat. So many hard ass hood raps about drugs these days set to techno. It’s a movement.

Trent Burns

Hippo Campus – “Little Grace”

Came for the clever band name, stayed for the awesome studio performance. Hippo Campus is everything I like about Oberhofer, Surfer Blood, Vampire Weekend, and Two Door Cinema Club all rolled into one. Bonus: you can grab their EP “Bashful Creatures” FO FREE right here.

Tristan Lejeune

Pink Floyd — “Louder Than Words”

Texting your bros about a new Floyd album is fun and all, but what if there’s only one Song song (like, with David Gilmour singing) on the whole record? Good thing it’s this one, in which Gilmour sounds not like a fossil but a survivor, with “this thing we do” swirling around him. You can hear ’70s stadium rock synth itself and then grunge down and then emerge — all on the guitar line. Did I mention the posthumous cameo by keyboard player Richard Wright?