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Svetlana Legetic

Pulp – Ladies Man

Next Wednesday I get to see the Pulp movie on the big screen. So, as a small token of my excitement for that occasion, the only B-Side of any single I ever TRULY cared about.

Sebastian Tellier – Divine

After I see the Pulp movie next Wednesday, we are hosting our annual Beaujolais party. Two things are bound to happen: I will hate myself (in the best way imaginable) the next morning AND I will lose my mind when France’s 2008 Eurovision song contest entry comes on. Even if it was me that requested it/I knew it was happening.

Brandon Wetherbee

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away

The Nick Cave ‘documentary’ comes out on DVD this month and it should be on the holiday shopping list for anyone who claims they like Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. It’s fantastic. More on that later.

Megan Burns

Heavy Metal & Reflective – Azealia Banks

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I wish that I was a member of The Crazy 88 or some other cool Japanese gang. I guess this will probably never happen (mostly because I don’t speak too much Japanese and lack the motivation to learn at this stage in my life). If it ever did come to pass, however, I would like to think that “Heavy Metal & Reflective” would be my gang’s theme whenever we were fucking shit up around town, which would be all of the time.

Peter Heyneman

Comment t’appelles-tu ce matin ? – Elodie Frégé

As part of my quest to find the best live performances on youtube I stumbled on this french live sessions channel that just…you get it.

Alan Zilberman

Les Chansons D’Amour – “Je n’aime que toi”

Between Peter and Svetlana’s choice, I can’t get this adorable French indie pop musical out of my head.

Jeb Gavin

Roy Kafri – Mayokero

Such a deceptively simple song. Curious if the idea for the video came first or the song itself. Actually, I don’t care. They go hand in glove.

Mumbai Science – Lotus

Dug this up on a Radio Soulwax mix. Not sure why this escaped me when it came out a few years ago, but now I can’t stop listening to it, both in the mix and on its own.

FartBarf – Homeless in Heathrow

Great band name. Great song title. Great song. Massively terrifying video. The first jolt I’ve gotten in years from something even remotely close to being described as “horror.”

Bryce Rudow

Kevin Drew (of Broken Social Scene fame) – TBTF

It’s quite cold out, Kevin Drew is quite Canadian, and despite the upbeat cadence of “Too Beautiful To Fuck,” this song is quite chilly.

Dark Mean – Happy Banjo

Now warm back up with a happy banjo, the warmest combination of moods and instruments there is.

Trent Burns

Dr. Dog – These Days

Sure, Dr. Dog isn’t really “cool and underground” anymore, and “Be the Void” isn’t even close to being new. But there are still plenty of great tracks from that album that fill out my playlists while I anticipate their next release.