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Svetlana Legetic

A$AP Rocky feat. DRAKE, 2 CHAINZ, Kendrick Lamar “Fucking Problems”

I spent the majority on my week in some sort of a train which means I had my iPod on a lot of shuffle which means I heard a lot of songs I never heard before. And, while I am famously a total disaster when it comes to knowing or appreciating anything about hip-hop, every once in a while I stumble upon something in the genre (that I am sure the world was ALL ABOUT forever a go) that is so goddamn hooky and dirty-catchy I can’t help but love it HARD. This one is a perfect example (Brenner’s “Yoko” is another).
The song/video employs everyone involved to their maximum capacity and it is perfect for:
a. power walking around while PMSing
b. power walking around while really in any other kind of mental state
c. remembering how much fun you and your friends had in college where you all actually had patented dance moves designed exclusively for the purposes of people buying you drinks.
In all seriousness, this song makes me want to find some good short shorts, spend the afternoon smearing Michael Kors leg shine all over my limbs and then go dance with someone without ever seeing their face, which is a feeling I don’t have that often in 2014 (vs. 2004) – that’s how fun it is.
“I love fucking bitches, that’s my fucking problem/And yeah, I like to fuck, I got a fucking problem”

Foxygen “San Francisco”

I am throwing this in there just so everyone is reminded that the song anomaly above nonwithstanding, I still spend most of my time listening to stuff like this.
This song/video is perfect for:
a. cruising around on your spiffy bike
b. cruising around in anything
c. remembering how much fun you and your friends had in college where you actually needed no reason or excuse to let your weirdness garden bloom all day every day.
In all seriousness, this song makes me want to build a pillow fort next to a trampoline, assemble some girlfriends, put on some matching boy shorts and tube socks and jump around wildly yet gently, which is a feeling I don’t have that often in 2014 (vs. 2004) – that’s how fun it is.
“you swimming up stream or just tuning into the new sensations”

Any which way you turn it, it is probably going to be a shorts wearing weekend.

Steve Place

Sango x GoldLink “Wassup”

Sweet Jesus Goldlink is winning right now. I haven’t heard a flute sample this nice since Kenny G’s second Christmas album. If he’s not the next dude from the DMV to get signed I’ll name my first born child Cale.

Kali Uchis “On Edge” ft Snoop Dogg

This Virginia native just casually dropped an epic song with Snoop. AND she announced her new project will have Tyler the Creator AND Diplo on it. WTF. The most exciting thing to happen to me today was getting two packs of frosting in a single packet of Toaster Strudels.

Raury “God’s Whisper”

How aren’t these guys fucking famous yet? This video is so tight. I can’t wait to see what these dudes do next.

Farrah Skeiky

Arabic Pop Divas Edition

These songs were super popular when I was in Lebanon in 2006 and they are still played everywhere, all the time. Plenty of Arabic pop videos still have storylines that are set up in the intro and unfold as the songs progress, and yes, they are always over the top. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nancy Ajram “Mashy Haddy”


Nancy is the queen of overly-done plastic surgery and was a big part of the country’s plastic surgery boom in the mid-2000s. She’s in Pepsi commercials and sang a really obnoxious song with K’naan for the 2010 Fifa World Cup. But her songs hold up, even if her botox won’t.

Haifa Wehbe “Wawa”


In the summer of 2006, this was our “What Does the Fox Say?” This video still freaks me out. She’s babysitting but trying to seduce someone in the room? Maybe the camera man? This is easily the female equivalent of guys who get small dogs as “chick bait.” It makes me uncomfortable that a ton of kids were singing along to this.

Carole Samaha “Esma’ny”


Oh, Carole. You tried. You weren’t over the top enough, so Nancy and Haifa outshined you. If people have your stuff on their phones, it’s probably just this one song. Shame.

Brandon Weight

Brand New “Secondary”

I may have missed out on the LCD Soundsystem Box Set on RSD ’14. I did buy Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends, which led me to order Brand New’s Your Favorite Weapon reissue featuring a number of demos. Welcome to a weekend of angst.

Alan Zilberman

SQÜRL “Solia Gratia” (part 2)

The Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack is the perfect way to seem cool even if you’re stuck doing lame-ass data entry.