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Peter Heyneman

Charm City Suicides “I Wanna Get With You”

Cuz I can’t wait to come back to DC this weekend holllllaaaAAAAAWOOOOOPARTYYYYYYYpopmusic HI CARSON #DCnative #NoSexationWithoutReprezentation

Alan Zilberman

Don Ellis Band “Whiplash”

This song is an important plot point for a movie of the same name, and now I can’t get the tune out of my head.

Leonard Cohen “Did I Ever Love You”

Sure, this sounds like yet another downer from Cohen, but then there’s the catchy, sweet chorus from a pair of female vocalists. I didn’t know this guy’s songs could still surprise me.

Kelis “Friday Fish Fry”

“Food” might be my favorite album of the year.

Trent Burns

King Tuff “Bad Thing”

If you’re not into King Tuff, I’m not into you.

Jeb Gavin

Tepr “Minuit Jacuzi (datA remix)”

At last year’s BYT Beaujolais Nouveau party I heard a song on the stereo I couldn’t identify. Checked Shazaam, checked Soundhound, harangued friends at the party- couldn’t figure it out. I was pretty sure it was French given the surroundings, and possibly related to Justice. Smash-cut to last week when I’m listening to Justice’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (I highly recommend it.) And there it was, sandwiched between “Tenderoni” and Chic’s “Everybody Dance” (really, go listen to the mix, it’s a monster.)

Slothrust “7:30 AM”

In case you hadn’t watched FX’s off season sleeper You’re the Worst, an eight second clip of the first verse of this song was used as the theme. Kinda limiting, given how entertaining this song is- like an overdriven Daniel Johnston number with a bit more of an acerbic bite to it.

Pig Destroyer “The Diplomat”

Been really getting into Pig Destroyer lately. Good stuff. Great video.

Kirstie Jeffrey

Lil’ Dicky “Leme Freak”

“I just turned off the Departed for a movie bout a bee”. Also Ex-Boyfriend is entertaining as well.

Bryce Rudow

Gerard Way “No Shows”

Yes, I am still listening to the new Gerard Way solo album trying to sort out exactly how I feel about it.

Krill “Peanut Butter”

I told Alex Tebeleff I would be swinging by Paperhaus on Sunday to see Pree and he told me I HAD to check out opening band Krill, sending along their homemade music video featuring the greatest use of peanut butter in a music video in at least the past 3 years