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Andrew Bucket

Primal Scream “Velocity Girl”

So much pop in so little time.

Velocity Girl “Crazy Town”

My favorite D.C. band ever.

Crazy Town “Butterfly”

Just to complete the cypher.

Morgan Day

Rage Against The Machine “Killing in the Name”

So this happened this week.

Kevin Devine “Cotton Crush”

Because I’m feeling 14 dammit (hence previous suggestion).

Svetlana Legetic

Roxy Music “Same Old Scene”

Because: nothing lasts forever, but Bryan Ferry just might

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross GONE GIRL Soundtrack

What HAVE WE done to each other? T-7 days till the whole world knows.

Phil Runco

Clipse “Hate It or Love It”


#tbt to the R-E-U-P-G-A-N-G

Jens Lekman WWJD

Speaking of hot mixtapes.

Girls “My Ma”

Christopher Owens is at the Black Cat tonight and he’s playing Girls songs again. More specifically, he’s playing Father, Son, Holy Ghost material with members of Girls who made the record with him and subsequently quit. So, this group is kind of playing these songs together for the first time and that is #special. Yes, that was a nudge.

Dan Singer

Gerard Way “Action Cat”

Gerard Way can write a pretty likable alt-rock song when he tones down the theatrics.

Alan Zilberman

Perfume Genius “Queen”

I dare you to get through this one without the hair standing on the back of your neck.

Outputmessage “Goldilocks Zone”

It’s Friday and I wanna dance.