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Svetlana Legetic

Grandaddy “SUMMER IT’S GONE”



Phil Runco

Alvvays “Archie, Marry Me”

Early ’00s nostalgia via mid 90s nostalgia. Marry me, Alvvays.

Metro Boomin ft. Future & Young Thug “Chanel Vintage”


Operators “True”

Boeckner Auto-Post.

Alan Zilberman

Broken Social Scene “Cause = Time”

I’m going to Toronto this weekend.

Andrew Bucket

Selections from my Spotify playlist called “sing it gurl”.

Dolly Parton “9 to 5 (slowed down version)”

When you slow down Dolly Parton you get Tracy Chapman.

Mocedades “Eres Tu”

All kinds of cute Spanish people in the 70s being really earnest. Super dope video and also this lady really sing.

Ellen Foley “We Belong To The Night”

For my money: the best singer of the 1970s. When she grabs the mic :45 seconds, I get chills. Also, meatloaf wrote this song.

Jeb Gavin

Misun “Goodbye Summer”


One last nang pull off the tank of freedom/youthfulness that is summer.

St. Vincent “Digital Witness (DARKSIDE Remix)”

Hey, you got Thai chili infused fried peanut butter in my terrifyingly dark chocolate!
-Oh yeah? Well you got terrifyingly dark chocolate in my Thai chili infused fried peanut butter!
We better dance-fight this out in a basement full of lasers.

Tim Barry “Downtown VCU”

Not sure I can add much to this. Maybe also listen to Silver Jet’s “Kid”?

Peter Heyneman

Les oiseaux

  by Moodoïd

Because France is unmistakeably a role-playing game set in a Henry Darger illustration.

Kirstie Jeffrey

Bowerbirds “Sweet Moment”

My friends (who are amazing) are in this video and shot it when they were still together. They are no longer dating. Brutal. But I still love the song!

Mitchell London

QT “Hey QT”

For those of your who just downed 120 consecutive Pixi-Stix and are looking for something to capture your mood.

Dan Singer

Jellyfish “New Mistake” and “Glutton of Sympathy”

I bought a used copy Jellyfish’s Spilt Milk the other day, and blasting it in my car all week reminded me why it’s one of my favorite albums. Spilt Milk is equal parts Queen, Beach Boys and Beatles, but for a pastiche it’s a damn good one with soaring, moody harmonies and incredibly sticky hooks. It’s too bad the rest of the band wants nothing to do with lead singer Andy Sturmer, but the Jellyfish family tree (which includes studio wizards like Jason Falkner and Jon Brion) is worth exploring. Here are two Spilt Milk cuts: the bouncy “New Mistake” and “Glutton of Sympathy.”