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Megan Burns

Astrud Gilberto “Fly Me To the Moon”

This is a good song to listen to while you are smoking a cigarette and sweating at your kitchen table. There also might be some spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove.

Svetlana Legetic

Francoise Hardy “Comment Te Dire Adieu”

Because… Francoise Hardy (and goodbyes)

Juniore “Fin Du Monde”

Because this is like Francoise Hardy in 2014 but with a “spaghetti western twist” which is almost a better reason than simply Francoise Hardy, and not many reasons are better than simply Francoise Hardy.

Andrew Bucket

Foxygen “How Can You Really”

I’ve been so enrapt with the piano driven 70s songwriters lately. That glammy, yet personal vibe that you get– it’s all kinda romantic and sad and coked out. Bob Boilen said this band reminded him of Todd Rundgren. It’s my favorite song I’ve heard in a while.

Spacehog “In The Meantime”

Because this song is pretty sweet and the video is like “cool” loft party in LA and it looks like the biggest dickheads ever lived in LA in the late 90s.

Trent Burns

Passion Pit “Cuddle Fuddle”

Ugh. Passion Pit. When “Chunk of Change” came out, I was absolutely sure they’d be my new favorite band. They never quite lived up to that hype, but every once in a while I look past the disappointment and revisit those old tracks and remember where all that hype started. “Cuddle Fuddle” has always been that standout song I’m destined never to hear, but there’s a certain romance there (Passion Pit can be pretty hit or miss live). The super simple beat and singular, chiming synth line seem almost stripped down for Passion Pit – but that’s what makes it so damn catchy.

Jeb Gavin

Yellow Magic Orchestra “Tighten Up”

Andrew’s choice of a Yellow Magic Orchestra song last week reminded me there was once a time back in college when I created an alter ego drummer Ryuchi Sakitumi. I’d conceived of him as the drummer for an American punk band pretending to be Japanese, playing what the Japanese imagined American funk to sound like. Oh, also there was a whole Talking Heads influence, and every song by Todoroki Tako (the name of the supposed band) was named after a tagline from an American commercial from either the 1980s or 1990s. This was all for a digital media theory course I was taking (and would have failed if the professor wasn’t a former phone phreaker and huge King Crimson fan.) Anyhow, marry my veneration of the foremost Japanese electronic composer of the time with one of the most covered funk classics ever (even Homer Simpson played it as a one man band, introducing himself as Archie Bell and also the Drells,) and you get this. Japanese gentlemen, stand up please. Ball’s in your court, Andrew.

Gwendolyn Brooks “We Real Cool”


Not a tune. But it feels like it’s not getting better, and I need to hear this. So do you.

Ted Leo “Six Months in a Leaky Boat”

Any time I hear about a suicide- particularly someone I like or love, I think of this Split Enz cover by Ted Leo. Might’ve shared it before. Don’t care. Listen to it again.