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Megan Burns

Les Incendiaires “Argentique Vintage”

I think I have listened to this song roughly eight million times over the last week. It makes me feel like closing my eyes, shaking my head back and forth so that my hair goes all crazy, and jogging in place with Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots fists.

Svetlana Legetic

Sensitive “Band of South”

We’re listening to BEST OF O RECORDS as we speak in the office. This one has always been one of my favorites but so many other gems to revisit (or visit for the first time) – These Memories by Oh Romeo, You and Me by The Flirts… the list is, while sadly not endless, 2 albums’ worth.

Private Number “Judy Clay & William Bell”

I am a sucker for a narrative song and this song is basically a movie. In it, I imagine William Bell left Judy Clay to go to prison/army/make-the-fortune-her-Father-expected-him-to-make-before-he-would-give-him-her-blessing-for-her-hand-in-marriage and so many (just.so.many) random dudes swarmed on Judy Clay that she HAD TO CHANGE HER NUMBER because she didn’t want to be harassed and she wanted to save her phone time for William Bell. Now he is back and he can’t reach her and he wants to know if all is ok. And…in a perfect singing dialogue if there ever was one, she lets him know that “Baby, baby, baaaaby, you can have my private number”, and you know the man has EARNED IT. Such a good song. OMG.

Alan Zilberman

Prawn “Why You Always Leave a Note”

I saw these guys open for Foxing at DC9 this past Monday, and loved their melodic take on the emo revival. They just released a new record Wednesday, so keep an eye out for them.

Young Trynas “$”

So many punk songs are about anger and rebellion; it’s kind of refreshing to hear one about pure economic need. But this a self-described “garbage punk” band we’re talking about here, so of course they end with, “FUCK YOU! PAY ME!”

Daniel Bachman “And Now I am Born to Die”

Pretty simple, really: this guy puts most other professional guitarists to shame. I can’t remember the last time I heard such a rich sound from the instrument.

Andrew Bucket

Yellow Magic Orchestra “Cue”

When I’m bored with or ashamed of western art, I like to escape into the strange stoicism of Japanese electronica of the 80s. It’s like that friend who never really let’s you know of they are joking or not. Throughout time the Japanese have always approached art from a distance, instead of trying to corner it like a gushing sycophant. This is Yellow Magic Orchestra’s song Cue. They’re like Kraftwerk kinda. I always felt good when I listened to this song.

Trent Burns

Shakey Graves “Roll the Bones”

Part blues, part folk, Shakey Graves makes some damn cool music. The one man band from Austin, Texas manages to stand out in an undoubtedly overblown folk scene, and that alone is impressive enough to keep his tracks rotating through my Spotify.

Kaylee Dugan

Chromeo “100%”

First, Chromeo is always the perfect summer music. Second, I’m hoping that if I listen to them enough before this job interview I will transform into someone who is super suave and charismatic.

Morgan Fecto

Majical Cloudz “Childhood’s End”

Got a parking ticket today. Could go for some head right now

Jeb Gavin

Basement Jaxx “Never Say Never”

Much like a club Stefon would describe on Weekend Update, the Basement Jaxx latest single (and its video) has everything you could ever want- airy disco riffs, horny Japanese scientists teaching a robot to twerk… the dance apocalypse. This album cannot get here fast enough.

Benjamin Booker “Have You Seen My Son?”

Next in our infinite-part series where we mock people as they lament the death of rock and roll, I present to you Benjamin Booker.

Kirstie Jeffrey

Tove Lo “Stay High (Habits Remix)”

Tove Lo creates a groovy mix of dark haunting melody and catchy girl pop. I like to think that she is Sweden’s kick ass version of Ke$ha.

Bryce Rudow

Minus The Bear “Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse”


It’s already almost already halfway through August, which means that hazy part of the summer where you sit back and reflect on how little you actually accomplished the past few weeks is kicking into full gear. But don’t let that bother you. You had fun. You did some things. You had a blast that one weekend doing that that thing with those people.

Let Minus The Bear’s math rock guitars calm you down while lead singer Jake Snider reminds you that while it’s important to sneak in some high culture when and where you can, even if you’re sitting on a park bench that’s older than your country, it’s still vacation time which means the main thought on your mind should be getting something delicious to eat and something strong to drink.

Dan Singer

The Minders “Hooray for Tuesday”

In celebration of Elliott Smith’s birthday, here’s a song by Elephant 6 band The Minders that he used to cover.

And here’s his version:


Alex Tebeleff

Sturgill Simpson “Turtles All The Way Down”

It’s great to see a totally honest and uncompromising songwriter have success like this. Besides being one of the most original interpretations of the country song I’ve heard, the content of ‘Turtles All The Way Down” goes straight for both the intellect and the soul. Topics include his relationship with psychedelic drugs, cosmology and physics (“turtles all the way down the line”), and the search for the meaning of life and a spiritual fulfillment outside of conventional organized religious traditions. It’s quite amazing to be listening to country music that echoes a similar philosophical spirit of mind and spirituality that you can find in Plato (it’s all about asking questions…). With all this incredible and unusual content framed inside beautiful melodies and a psychedelic swirl of sound, it’s pretty safe to say that country music hasn’t seen anyone like Sturgill Simpson before. In a popular genre that has been more recently known for being risk adverse to the point of being cowardly, i’m predicting this guy goes very, very far with this music in the coming years.

Alana Wise

Drenge “Fuckabout”

This song makes me feel unspecial, but somehow in a good way.

Grouplove “Itchin’ on a Photograph”

Because we should all be listening to Grouplove all the time.