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Svetlana Legetic

Super Furry Animals “The Piccolo Snare”

Because it is a. great but b. mainly because every time it comes on one of my playlists (because it IS on plural playlists) in the office Wetherbee gets up and walks over to the ipod dock to check what song it is. No need to get up any more – It is THIS song.

Madonna “True Blue”

Any video with a young Debi Mazar (on top of a very young Madonna) is a great video to start the weekend. Dedicate it to someone on an iPod DJ night too, goes over great.

Shauna Alexander

Rolling Stones “Sympathy For The Devil”


It’s a major weekend in my world, with the MHSA Adult Equitation Finals on Saturday (that’s some fancy acronyms and words for I’m entered into a qualifying horse show)… So I’m totally blasting all the pump up music I can to get into the zone. This Rolling Stones track is not only my favorite, but its also the very same one my Crew coach used to blare in his pick-up truck on the way to our regattas. Screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs just before dawn was always the best way to let go of performance anxiety and competition stress. Lets just hope Skywalker doesn’t mind my singing a little bit off key.

Andrew Bucket

Darude “Sandstorm”


It was three years ago that a girl named Preetha made me a man by taking my virginity. I will never forget that afternoon and this song was the soundtrack to our sex. She’s somewhere in Bethesda now working at a gym for fat people and I often wonder if she plays “Sandstorm” during her Soulcycles.

Morgan Fecto

Angelo Badalamenti “Twin Peaks Soundtrack”

Because, happy Twin Peaks Blu-Ray Week! This soundtrack is what it seems…which is just fantastic.

Connor Hogan

Yacht “Plastic Soul”

This song just feels like a nice breeze from one of those moving waterfall pictures you can buy at flea markets, or a summer dress with neon fringe.

Andy Johnson

Ty Segall “Feel”

Because it’s Friday and Friday is the day you should play rock music loudly.

Franz Mahr

Crushfield: Animals As Leaders- The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing remix

If it wasn’t for XLR8R, I would have never come across this song. I don’t even think this producer has his own soundcloud, facebook, or anything else. Arturo Crushfield made a loungy, chill remix of Animals As Leaders’ “The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing”. The simple kick and snare drum beat match perfectly with those math rock guitar riffs. Something about this song makes me feel like I’m in one of the Final Fantasy video games. Crushfield will be releasing more through New Kanada.

Jeff Martin

ZZ – Ward “365 Days (Jerry Folk Remix)”


Watch the silver line metro ad with this song. They totally should have used it. It goes along perfectly. Plus the lyrics even work: “Drop your keys from six stories

Shout out, “It’s raining green! /// 365 Days you been making me wait”

Phil Runco

Foxygen “How Can You Really”

Keep giving Foxygen money to make videos.

God Help the Girl “God Help the Girl”

All fucking in on this thing.

Reigning Sound “Coming Home”

Chicken soup for the soul.