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Ross Bonaime

Holden “Renata”

Cause when that beat drops out of nowhere – good god – it’s like the whole world exploding.

Drü Bucket

Riff Raff “Introducing the Icon”

This song is straight outa classic Ice Cube, and has one of the hardest baselines I’ve heard in a while. This jam is all energy.

Morgan Day

Dry the River “No Rest”

Sometimes you have to lie on the floor, let your eyes follow the ceiling fan, and scream along.

Watch the video.

Tegan and Sara “Living Room”

I played this song on repeat for four hours while writing a paper. Creepy, intense, killer foot stomping jam.

Morgan Fecto

A Sunny Day in Glasgow “Shy”

Dream pop. Best served with cake pops. Best listened to while in the under-belly of a sticky alien.

Svetlana Legetic

Ween “I’ll Miss You”

Because vacation. And packing for cruises. And Internet cold turkey. And Beautiful Girls soundtrack.

Jeff Martin

Tropical Chaos Live at Radistai Village 2014


What’s it like to be at a music festival on a moated island in rural Lithuania? No idea. But the lack of post event media is certainly intriguing. What are they hiding exactly? The world’s coolest newest festival? Or the fact that wireless coverage in rural Lithuania is still just not very good? Anyways, stick around until the end of the mix, it’s worth it.

Dan Singer

The Family Crest “The World”

Bob Boilen approves, and so can you. It seems appropriate to follow this with that new Shins song.

Brandon Weight

Thomas Jack Presents “Tropical House Vol.2”

Summer tans. Summer trips. Summer tropical shirts.

Alana Wise

Manchester Orchestra “I’ve Got Friends”

It works better with the video. Plus, I got it legally and free way back in the yesteryear of 2009, so it’s kind of a classic.

Metronomy “A Thing for Me”

Also twas a legal freebie. Free music is good music… Please don’t sue me, Kanye.

Ashley Wright

Mr. Little Jeans “The Suburbs”

Best enjoyed with subwoofers and a particularly chill passenger.

Bitter:Sweet “Dirty Laundry”


Coy looks across a crowded room and fast-paced montages of sexy people.

Alan Zilberman

Muuy Biien “Human Error”

Between this band and The Coathangers, there’s a lot of good punk coming out of Atlanta.

The Austerity Program “Song 30”

I like my bass lines like I like my women.

Beach Slang “Filthy Luck”

On the way to the all-night diner, 2:40am, summer 2003.