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What with Beaujolais festivities all over town this week, we figured it’s as good of a time as any to bust out some French artists on you.

Back in 1992, pre-Johnny Depp and Chanel contracts, Vanessa Paradis was a pop star  and teen supermodel in France (with wispy but fun hits like Joe Le Taxi) and then somehow, as is bound to happen when you’re an adorable French siren, she hooked up with Lenny Kravitz and released one lone record in English (this was around the same time Mila Jovovich released “Divine Comedy”, so the ingenue model/singer package was a minor trend). From that record “BE MY BABY”, which we will be enjoying shortly, was the lead single and definitely one of the most played songs (I bought the single on tape) of that year for me.

Paradis barely has a voice to work with, but she uses her kitten purr well, and no matter how you dissect it, it is a terrific and uplifting way to start ANY day.

prepubescent bonus: JOE LE TAXI