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This week’s guide through free cinematic entertaiment in our fair city is all the more special because I seem to have spent my whole paycheck over the course of a single weekend. I do have what appears to be 10 new outfits and a wallet filled with receipts indicating purchases of MANY, MANY beverages over the last 2 days but I am sure those two things are not corelated, at all.


And while the Library of Congress is totally denying me access to the October schedule there is still PLENTY of skateboarding, zombies and Andy Warhol to go around this week.
Anyhoo, here is how to spend 0 $ and see some awesome this week:

Movies with Fritz at the Hotel, 8 pm
apparently every Monday Fritz will play something from his collection for the bar crowd. Last week was John Cusack week and seriously, we are 100% behind and film series that kicks off with “Better off Dead” (“Are you aware what the street value of this mountain it?”)
more details here

Vengeance of the Zombies at Dr. Dremo’s, 8 pm
There is only a few months left till Dr. Dremo’s closes and Psychotronic film society has to land a new home so try to catch some of their final cult classic/oddest movies ever till then: today, Paul Naschy stars in a “crazy sexy zombie film about dead nekid women, grave-robbers, voodoo and demon-worshipers running around to super cool 70’s music in funky 70’s outerwear”. The horror gets lost in translation and you know what that means… Chicken necks wiggling in your underwear!

more details here

A Walk in the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory @ The Hirshhorn, 8 pm

How is this for urban legend lore: Danny Williams, a Warhol paramour and Factory filmmaker, created stage effects for the Exploding Plastic Inevitable and the Velvet Underground. While visiting his parents in Massachusetts, he drove the family car to the beach and simply vanished. Esther Robinson revisits his life and disappearance detective story style.

more details here

Love Conquers all @ Freer & Sackler Gallery
Freer and Sackler are the prime location for free international cinema (in case you did not know) and currenty the “From Asia with love” festival is in full swing and today brings us Tan-chi Muis ironically titled film is about a young woman who falls under the spell of a charismatic but possibly dangerous suitor. Featuring very creative use of digital video the movie has been an award-winner at the Pusan, Hong Kong and Rotterdam film festivals.

more details here

and also

Static 3 Premiere @ Palace 5ive, 9PM
All skateboarding fansrejoice for the DC premiere of this skateboarding independent. I’m pretty sure there is also a party involved.
view trailer here: http://www.static3video.com/
more details here

Aaron Copland: Music for American Movies @ National Gallery of Art, 2pm and onwards

After last week’s Bergman tribute National Gallery of art is doing a 3 film series celebrating the scores of Aaron Copeland.
On the menu: The Cummington Story, Of Mice and Men and The North Star.

more details here

Love Conquers all, Freer & Sackler Gallery, 2 pm

Also part of the “From Asia with Love” festival. James Lee uses digital video to tell intimate stories about relationships. When a woman vanishes, her husband and her secret lover become unlikely accomplices in trying to solve the enigma of her disappearance. With its sly humor and natural performances, Lee’s film is a mystery wrapped in a tale of lost love.

more details here

and finally, a macabre treat:

Wisconsin Death Trip: How a Town in Wisconsin Went Mad @ National Gallery of Art, 4 pm
Michael Lesy’s 1973 book of vintage photographs and vignettes about a strange and deadly calamity that consumed the town of Black River Falls, Wisconsin, in the late nineteenth century was adapted to film in the late 1990s. Using documentary reportage, reenactments, and period images, the movie tells a tale of a town that literally went mad with rampant murder, suicide, and occult fanaticism. Sounds amazing, if you ask us.

more details here
official website: http://www.wisconsindeathtrip.com/