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Unlike Boleyn Girl or Semi-Pro, most of the free movies this week would be more worthy of your 10 dollars. However, since you live in DC, you don’t have to pay ANYTHING (much like you don’t have to pay anything to go to 99% of museums, attend world class plays, see Jose Gonzalez perform live at the House of Sweden, or go to a movie premiere with Julie Delpy at Maison Francaise….if I hear a beep from any one of you complaining about this city and the availability of its culture again, I WILL come after you. And you don’t want that.)

So, here it is, niftily packaged in day to day form, starting with:


Its the second Tuesday! Its free French movies time at Napoleon!
It all starts at 7 pm and bookended by two short movies (one of which is from Paris Je T’aime) you get to see the (notoriously) Jean Jacques Annaud’s steamy adaptation of Marguerite Duras’ “Lover” starring a nubile Jane March in a men’s hat (and not much else) and Tony Leung at his most insanely dashing. Pack protection.


No free movies. Pay to see Lets get lost. There are only 48 left of it being in DC. DO IT.


Decidedly less romantic, but nonetheless kick-ass Godzilla is showing at the Japanese Information Center.
The original one.
6 pm

and if you are in the mood for some meta fun, at 8 pm check out Raiders of Lost Ark, The Adaptation @ Hirshhorn

You know it, you love it, but did you know that three twelve-year-olds from Mississippi, Chris Strompolos, Eric Zala, and Jason Lamb, spent a considerable chunk of their adolescence developing this shot-for-shot remake that wrapped in 1989 but was shelved until 2003? Critic Sarah Hepola writes, “This is not cute, or ‘impressive considering their age,’ it is genuine virtuoso work.” Zala and Strompolos will introduce this notorious, rarely screened homage. Ring Auditorium. Running time: 100 minutes, followed by a 30-minute Q & A session.

which brings us into


When, as every Friday we suggest to head out to Freer & Sackler, this time for “Electric Shadows”. 7 pm

from the press release: From director Xiao Jiang, a bracing new female voice in Chinese cinema, comes this ode to love (and love of movies) that has been compared to Cinema Paradiso. Spanning the Cultural Revolution to the present day, it follows two childhood friends who rediscover one another years later.

Should be motivation enough.

the weekend brings a double shot of free environmental shorts at the Natural History Museum (both part of the Environmental Film Festival) but also 2 terrific movies.


At 4:30 pm, there is a screening of Sokurov’s “Alexandra” at the National Gallery of Art which is a a characteristically beautifiul and elemental tale of a grandmother (Galina Vishnevskaya) traveling to Grozny to visit her twenty-seven-year-old grandson, a Russian army captain posted in Chechnya whom she has not seen in seven years. As one might expect from a director with metaphysical tendencies, Sokurov’s subject is not only Chechnya but every war…and Alexandra is Sokurov’s love letter to Vishnevskaya—the iconic, commanding character she portrays is a tribute to her legacy.


Remember (or not) how a few months back I urged you to see “Summer Palace” during its very limited DC run?
Well, now on Sunday at 1:30 pm you get another chance thanks to the kind programming people at Freer Sackler.