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How much BYT loves frozen giveaways should be so well known by now, we need not elaborate. Over the next 3 days (which, lets face it is way better than over today) if you find yourself at any of the following locations (why the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter is not on the list I DON’T KNOW) you can get a delicious free gelato from Ciao Bella, a New York-based gelateria, whose pints retail for around $3-4.

Aside from the traditional gelato flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut, you can go lighter (???) with blood orange, coconut, or blackberry cabernet sorbetto

Dcist has the (full) scoop.

Dates, Locations and Times:
Aug. 13
Alexandria Harris Teeter on Duke St., 11am – 2pm
Arlington Whole Foods on Wilson Blvd., 4pm – 7pm

Aug. 14
Arlington Harris Teeter on N. Glebe Rd., 11am – 2pm
Arlington Harris Teeter on N. Harrison St., 4pm – 7pm

Aug. 15
Balducci’s in Bethesda., 11am – 2pm
Arlington Harris Teeter on Army-Navy Rd., 4pm – 7pm