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Here we focus exclusively on the cheapest YET most satisfying entertainment to be found around D.C. Every week we highlight free and almost free activities, a choice happy hour or two, food specials and hot tips for budget survival. PLEASE POST YOUR FREE EVENTS (FOR FREE!) ON OUR AGENDA PAGE or send us FREE TIPS to [email protected] for inclusion in the future FREE THINGS guide. So, time to plan the week!

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  • Tuesday, May 30 – Swing by the Library of Congress to catch Primary.
  • Wednesday, May 31 – Leprechaun 4: In Space is playing at Suns and you guys know how I feel about the Leprechaun franchise (spoiler alert: I love all of them more than I love most of my family and friends).
  • Wednesday, May 31 – Swing by West End Library to see Zero Dark Thirty. It’s really good!
  • Thursday, June 1 – See your favorite surrealist short films at Suns.
  • Friday, June 2 – Up your knowledge of Japanese silent films with the American History Museum‘s screening of A Story of Floating Weeds.
  • Friday, June 2 – Go see Space Jam in Columbia Heights. You know you want to.
  • Friday, June 2 – But more importantly, the National Museum of African American History and Culture is showing Superfly as a part of their two day tribute to Curtis Mayfield Jr.
  • Friday, June 2 – Get high and then head over to Suns to see Naked Lunch.
  • Saturday, June 3 – Get high and then head over to Suns to see Pan’s Labyrinth. Just kidding! That sounds like a terrible idea.
  • Sunday, June 4 – Then go back to the American History Museum for another Japanese silent film.

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  • Tuesday, May 30 – Mystery Friends, H A U N T E R, Broke Royals and Silo Mentality are at DC9. H A U N T E R is a very annoying band name to type!
  • Tuesday, May 30 – Fiend, Haggus, Meth Leppard, Dawn Ray’d, Dakhma and Brainpan are at The Pinch. Meth Leppard is my favorite band name of all time.
  • Wednesday, May 31 – Cool People are releasing their new tape with Climax Landers, Sweet Baby Jesus and Palette at Bathtub Republic.
  • Wednesday, May 31 – Head to Slash Run to see New Doubt, New Berlin, Jail Solidarity and Mission Creep.
  • Thursday, June 1 – See Black Masala at Big Chief.
  • Thursday, June 1 – Hit up your friends at Babe City and see GUMP, Bueno and Chocolat at Dew Drop.
  • Friday, June 2 – Dance with the QREW at Songbyrd.
  • Friday, June 2 – Sheila, A Farewell Dynamic, Sunshine Hysteria and The Dune Flowers are at The Pinch if you want to get drunk and listen to some tunes.
  • Friday, June 2 – The James Badfellows, Ear and Speculative Friction are at Slash Run.
  • Saturday, June 3 – Red Light Distraction, Venn and Copes are at Black Cat if you’re looking for some sweet local tunes.
  • Saturday, June 3 – Go to Smith Public Trust to see Dirty Dishes, Kindling, Kid Claws and Poppy Patica. Order the nachos. They have amazing nachos.
  • Saturday, June 3 – Tall Friend, Dove Lady and Rat Pack are at Comet Ping Pong for $10.
  • Sunday, June 4 – Richmond’s very own Camp Howard is at Black Cat. They’ll be playing with Julian and Baby Grill.
  • Sunday, June 4 – It’s open house day at 52 O Street Studios. Go buy some local stuff.

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  • Wednesday, May 31 – Astronaut Leland Melvin is talking about his book Chasing Space at Politics & Prose. You’ve definitely seen his photo on the Internet. I promise.
  • Wednesday, May 31 – Learn more about architecture at the National Building Museum‘s The House at Lobster Cove book talk.
  • Wednesday, May 31 – Meet artist Vik Muniz at the Hirshhorn.
  • Thursday, June 1 – David Sedaris is at Politics & Prose to talk about his new book and boy am I excited.
  • Saturday, June 3 – It’s Wonder Woman Day at Fantom Comics!

That’s all, remember – PLEASE POST YOUR FREE EVENTS (FOR FREE!) ON OUR AGENDA PAGE or send us FREE TIPS to [email protected] for inclusion in the future FREE THINGS guide. Feel free to leave us your suggestions in the comments. Sharing is the new caring.