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Here we focus exclusively on the cheapest YET most satisfying entertainment to be found around DC. Every week we highlight free and almost free activities, a choice happy hour or two, food specials and hot tips for budget survival. PLEASE POST YOUR FREE EVENTS (FOR FREE!) ON OUR AGENDA PAGE or send us FREE TIPS to [email protected] for inclusion in the future FREE THINGS guide. So, time to plan the week!

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  • Tuesday, May 16 – Get your fill of weird cartoons on at Suns.
  • Wednesday, May 17 – Learn more about U.S.’s trade relationship with Mexico at Suns screening of The Crossroads.
  • Wednesday, May 17 – Catch the film Onyx at at the Embassy of Argentina.
  • Friday, May 19 – Go back to Suns to catch Liquid Sky! It looks weird and sexy!
  • Saturday, May 20 – Go see The Treasure at NGA.
  • Saturday, May 20 – Then see another Romanian film!
  • Saturday, May 20 – Or check out Ogun: An Eternal Presence at the African American History Museum.
  • Saturday, May 20 – COME ON AND SLAM
  • Saturday, May 20 – Learn about the crossroads of art and revolution at NGA‘s screening of Art Is A Weapon.
  • Sunday, May 21 – Catch Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Suns and have alien nightmares.

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  • Tuesday, May 16 – Lanternfish, Technicians and Time Columns are at Black Cat for $10.
  • Tuesday, May 16 – Trophy Dad, Boon, Foster Carrots and Borzoi are at Bathtub Republic.
  • Thursday, May 18 – Coke Bust is playing at Slash Run in honor of the release of their 7″ split with Despise You. They’ll be joined by Loud Boyz, Bacchae and Disinfectant because why the hell not?
  • Thursday, May 18 – Jack On Fire is having their last show at Black Cat. They’ll be joined by Nice Breeze and Literals. Try not to cry.
  • Thursday, May 18 – Petunia, Keeper, Bal Boheme, US Weekly and Bleary Eyed are all at Marble House. So many bands, you’re really getting your money’s worth.
  • Friday, May 19 – TonyKill, Posture & The Grizzly, PrinceDaddy & TheHyena and RYSG are at The Void.
  • Friday, May 19 – Hit up one of D.C.’s best traditions, Jazz in the Garden.
  • Saturday, May 20 – Get over to NoMa for the POW! WOW! DC Opening Day celebration! Artsy fartsy.
  • Saturday, May 20 – Head to The Hut to see Thaylobleu, Cornel West Theory and Out of Water Experience.
  • Saturday, May 20 – It’s the Black Cat‘s annual Depeche Mode dance party! According to their website, it’s the largest Depeche Mode dance party on the East Coast. What a fun fact.
  • Saturday, May 20 – Or go to Collider’s record release party at the Backstage. They’ll be joined by Wildhoney and Big Hush.
  • Saturday, May 20 – The Commune at 1605 is hosting Curse Words, Idleminds, Chew Through and The Alements.
  • Saturday, May 20 – Head to DC9 for their gay 90’s dance party, Peach Pit.
  • Sunday, May 21 – Skating Polly and Canker Blossom are taking over DC9.
  • Sunday, May 21 – Stop by your favorite Brookland bar to catch The North Country, Tony Kill, Crab Legs and Dangers.

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  • Tuesday, May 16 – Dive deep into Greek legend with Colm Tóibín’s book House of Names at Politics & Prose.
  • Wednesday, May 17 – Learn about the Russian Revolution at Politics & Prose.
  • Thursday, May 18 – Kelly Towles and Jasper Wong talk about Pow! Wow! at the Hirshhorn.
  • Thursday, May 18 – Nathan Hill talks about his book The Nix at Politics & Prose.
  • Thursday, May 18 – Go learn about art, science and other cool shit at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.
  • Saturday, May 20 – Swing by Transformer for their new Bloodlines exhibition.
  • Saturday, May 20 – Get your thriller fix with Dennis Lehane’s Since We Fell.
  • Sunday, May 21 – Check out some live mural painting at AVA NoMa.
  • Sunday, May 21 – Then learn more about the artists Khanh Le at SAAM.
  • Sunday, May 21 – Learn from photographer Bill Putnam at the Leica Store.

That’s all, remember – PLEASE POST YOUR FREE EVENTS (FOR FREE!) ON OUR AGENDA PAGE or send us FREE TIPS to [email protected] for inclusion in the future FREE THINGS guide. Feel free to leave us your suggestions in the comments. Sharing is the new caring.