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Here we focus exclusively on the cheapest YET most satisfying entertainment to be found around DC. Every week we highlight free and almost free activities, a choice happy hour or two, food specials and hot tips for budget survival. PLEASE POST YOUR FREE EVENTS (FOR FREE!) ON OUR AGENDA PAGE or send us FREE TIPS to [email protected] for inclusion in the future FREE THINGS guide. So, time to plan the week!

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  • Monday, February 27 – Disturbing The Peace is screening at the beautiful Miracle Theatre.
  • Tuesday, February 28 – Can I Kick It? is back at Songbyrd! Stop by to see Master of the Flying Guillotine.
  • Tuesday, February 28 – And Queer Girl Movie Night is back at Suns.
  • Friday, March 3 – Check out the premiere of Generation Revolution at St. Stephens.
  • Sunday, March 5 – If you haven’t seen it already, go see Seven Samurai at Suns.

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  • Monday, February 27 – Stop by the Black Cat for an awesome Planned Parenthood benefit! The Body, Technophobia, Radiator Greys and Mr. Rainier will be preforming. It’s gonna be great!
  • Monday, February 27 – Learn more about Go-Go and how D.C.’s past shapes our future at DCPL! The talk is being monitored by our good friend / occasional writer Marcus Dowling.
  • Tuesday, February 28 – There’s going to be an impeach Trump protest happening at the Senate tomorrow.
  • Tuesday, February 28 – And there’s going to be a rally!
  • Wednesday, March 1 – Check out the opening Hamiltonian’s H-Space.
  • Thursday, March 2 – Sauce is preforming at The Passenger. Get sauced while you see Sauce.
  • Thursday, March 2 – Or you could go see The Stents, The Figgs, and The Split Squad at Slash Run.
  • Friday, March 3 – Go see Kokayi at the Kennedy Center!
  • Friday, March 3 – Then go back to Slash Run to see Little Lungs, Post Sixty Five, and Color Palette.
  • Friday, March 3 – Go see Brandon Wetherbee and his show YMTE at Wonderland.
  • Friday, March 3 – There’s also Lavender, Skyline Hotel, The Philistines, and Stump Devils at The Pinch.
  • Friday, March 3 – Then swing by The Qrew party at Songbyrd.
  • Friday, March 3 – Go see some art at the Hillyer!
  • Friday, March 3 – Then go see a sweet showcase of D.C. artists at Songbyrd.
  • Saturday, March 4 – DCMD is holding the first ever D.C. Record Label Expo. Go buy some stuff.
  • Saturday, March 4 – Learn how to more effectively organize at DCPL.
  • Saturday, March 4 – Go protest at the Russian Embassy.
  • Saturday, March 4 – If you grab your tickets now, you can see Bellows, Foozle, and Palette at Comet for $10.
  • Saturday, March 4 – Then go dance the night away to JK Pop at Songbyrd.
  • Saturday, March 4 – Or if K-Pop isn’t you’re thing, there’s always the soul & reggae party at Slash Run.
  • Sunday, March 5 – Happy Persian New Year! Go celebrate at Freer and Sackler.

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  • Sunday, March 5 – Head to SAAM for their music panel, Sound Advice: Promoting Yourself in the Digital Age. Our very own Brandon Wetherbee will be on the panel.
  • Sunday, March 5 – Head on over to Fantom for their Indie Book Club! Go on over to talk about A Land Called Tarot and skype with the creator Gael Bertrand.
  • Sunday, March 5 – Talk with professional photographers about how they make editing decisions at Leica.
  • Sunday, March 5 – There’s a Wisdom Circle happening at Potter’s House if you want to get close and personal to some strangers (/ future friends)!
  • Sunday, March 5 – It’s a free community day at the National Museum of Women in the Arts! Go see some art.

That’s all, remember – PLEASE POST YOUR FREE EVENTS (FOR FREE!) ON OUR AGENDA PAGE or send us FREE TIPS to [email protected] for inclusion in the future FREE THINGS guide. Feel free to leave us your suggestions in the comments. Sharing is the new caring.