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Here we focus exclusively on the cheapest YET most satisfying entertainment to be found around DC. Every week we highlight free and almost free activities, a choice happy hour or two, food specials and hot tips for budget survival. PLEASE POST YOUR FREE EVENTS (FOR FREE!) ON OUR AGENDA PAGE or send us FREE TIPS to [email protected] for inclusion in the future FREE THINGS guide. So, time to plan the week!

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  • Monday, April 24 – Capital Pride is supposed to screen Moonlight outside… but it’s probably going to be canceled.
  • Monday, April 24 – Queer Grrrl Movie Night is at the Black Cat this week. They’re screening Tangerine which is a truly amazing movie and if you haven’t seen it yet then head over there tonight. I don’t want to hear any excuses.
  • Monday, April 24 – Loving is playing at the Chevy Chase Library if you feel like crying.
  • Tuesday, April 25 – Can I Kick It? takes over Songbyrd and this week they’re screening Ong Bak 2.
  • Wednesday, April 26 – Go see The Sun In A Net at Suns Cinema. It looks good and I am intrigued.
  • Wednesday, April 26 – The West End Library is screening But I’m A Cheerleader because they know whats up.
  • Thursday, April 27 – Pharaoh Haqq is presenting Def by Temptation Suns at and it sounds like bonkers fun.
  • Friday, April 28 – Your favorite movie from 2007 is playing at Suns.
  • Sunday, April 29 – Then go back to Suns to see Wetlands, which is gross and funny and fun.
  • Sunday, April 29 – NGA is holding a whole day of Hubley Animation Studio screenings.

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  • Monday, April 24 – Bruisey Peets, Video Age and Dove Lady are at Slash Run.
  • Tuesday, April 25 – Head back on over to Slash Run to catch Behavior Mission Creep, Bacchae and Flamers.
  • Wednesday, April 26 –Roll on over to the Black Cat to see Foreseen, Red Death and Witchtrial. Sounds like a good night to head bang.
  • Wednesday, April 26 – The fine folks at Bathtub Republic are hosting Breathers, Sir E.U, BRNDA and Walrus.
  • Wednesday, April 26 – Listen to some smooth modern funk vinyls at Choice Sounds at Songbyrd.
  • Thursday, April 27 – Go see Daikaiju, Cloak/Dagger, The Hall Monitors and Cellular Chaos at Slash Run.
  • Friday, April 28 – Janel Leppin and Coup Sauvage & the Snips are at the Luce and you should 100% go because that is a pretty / fun / cool place to see a show.
  • Friday, April 28 – If you really like Phish then you should probably make your way over to Songbyrd.
  • Friday, April 28 – BDU House is throwing their last show and it features YUM, Dr. Robinson’s Fiasco and EZ Garbage Truck. It’s also going to be YUMs last show. It’s a good night to say goodbye.
  • Saturday, April 29 – There’s a People’s Climate March happening downtown.
  • Saturday, April 29 – Comet Ping Pong is holding a benefit for Casa Ruby! Homosuperior, Lady Bits and Post Pink are playing and 100% of the money will be donated so you can feel extra good about yourself.
  • Saturday, April 29 – Roll on over to your favorite College Park house venue, The Void, to see Southern Belles, Of Tomorrow, Humbalaya, and The Cosmic Groove. There are also going to be DJs. It’ll be fun.
  • Saturday, April 29 – There’s a Prince / MJ dance party at Songbyrd and I can’t imagine anything better.
  • Sunday, April 30 – Make your way over to The Pinch to see Artificial Brain, Pyrrhon, Horrendous, Brainpan and Ampallang Infection. Boy that’s a lot of bands!

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That’s all, remember – PLEASE POST YOUR FREE EVENTS (FOR FREE!) ON OUR AGENDA PAGE or send us FREE TIPS to [email protected] for inclusion in the future FREE THINGS guide. Feel free to leave us your suggestions in the comments. Sharing is the new caring.