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Here we focus exclusively on the cheapest YET most satisfying entertainment to be found around DC. Every week we highlight free and almost free activities, a choice happy hour or two, food specials and hot tips for budget survival. PLEASE POST YOUR FREE EVENTS (FOR FREE!) ON OUR AGENDA PAGE or send us FREE TIPS to [email protected] for inclusion in the future FREE THINGS guide. So, time to plan the week!

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  • Wednesday, January 25 – Then go back for the politically charged, Howard Zinn: You Can’t Be Neutral On A Moving Train.
  • Wednesday, January 25 – Or you can go see Selma at the West End Library, if that’s more up your alley.
  • Thursday, January 26 – If you like films that aren’t operas but are based on operas, La Vie De Boheme is at your favorite cinema / bar, Suns.
  • Friday, January 27 – Pansaari is screening Mr. India. Order some food to eat during the movie, and you’re set.
  • Friday, January 27 – Then go back again to catch Le Havre, because why the hell not?
  • Saturday, January 28 – Trek all the way over to the Tenley-Friendship Library to catch a screening of Enter the Dragon.

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  • Tuesday, January 24 – From today until January 28, you can get a free ShackBurger from Shake Shack if you download their app! All you have to do is use the code ‘shackappy’. Yay free food!
  • Tuesday, January 24 – Catch Nag Champa, FootsxColes, Troy Everett, and St. Clair Castro at Songbyrd. It was a long weekend, go do something fun.
  • Wednesday, January 25 – Summer Cicada, Signal 30, Lies Kill, 96 Olympics, and something called MEATBOT are all at for Slash Run $5!
  • Wednesday, January 25 – Wonderland wants to help you decompress from all the inauguration festivities with a little Opera on Tap.
  • Wednesday, January 25 – One Love Massive is throwing a rhythm & blues night at Big Chief if you have the strength to make it out to Ivy City.
  • Thursday, January 26 – F1k and Paul Remund are at Rhizome if you need a little art in your life.
  • Thursday, January 26 – Why Bother? is back at Songbyrd if you’re dying to have a little more emo in your life.
  • Thursday, January 26 – The Glow End Theory is happening at Black Cat, featuring KRPTK, Little Bacon Bear, Alex Vaughn, Joy Postell, Alem Worldwide and so many more artists / DJ’s etc for the low low price of $10.
  • Friday, January 27 – The 9: Songwriter Series is back at Black Cat if you’re in the mood to catch some emerging artists.
  • Friday, January 27 – ABIR and Kenneth Whalum are at POV if you want good music and good views.
  • Friday, January 27 – Oddisee and GoodCompany are at 1525 Newton St NW. Oddisee is great so I highly recommend you RSVP right now.
  • Saturday, January 28 – Pansaari is having a Bollywood dance party. Go dance until your feet hurt and then go back fro brunch. I’ve heard it’s good.
  • Saturday, January 28 – Check out D.C.’s newest LGBTQ dance party, Password at Ten Tigers.
  • Sunday, January 29 – The Lady Quartet is at Colony Club. Grab a beer, grab a coffee and enjoy some sweet tunes.

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  • Wednesday, January 25 – Hang out with other Game of Thrones nerds at Petworth Citizen. Try not to cry about The Winds of Winter. It’s probably best if you don’t even think about it.
  • Thursday, January 26 – Do you care about American history? Do you want to time travel to a date when Donald Trump wasn’t president? Then head to Politics & Prose to catch John Avlon talking about his book, Washington’s Farewell.
  • Saturday, January 29 – SAAM is throwing a Chinese New Year festival! There’s going to be a bunch of different activities and a lot of different performers. Do you have a kid? Take your kid! If you don’t have a kid, find one and take them there.
  • Saturday, January 29 – Make your way back to Politics & Prose to catch a panel discussion about the book The Road Ahead.
  • Sunday, January 29 – Go listen to stranger’s poetry at The Pinch. You’re not doing anything else.

That’s all, remember – PLEASE POST YOUR FREE EVENTS (FOR FREE!) ON OUR AGENDA PAGE or send us FREE TIPS to [email protected] for inclusion in the future FREE THINGS guide. Feel free to leave us your suggestions in the comments. Sharing is the new caring.