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Welcome to another Found Fridays. I’m in a good mood because I got my Baltimore Ravens tickets. Of course I had to get tickets to the Houston game. Why you ask? Because Ray Lewis gets inducted to the Ravens “Ring Of Honor” that game. No weapons folks, no weaponsI just hope he limits his crying and the god talk, but knowing Ray Ray, that’s going to be tough to do. This week we have new stuff from UK’s The Flex, a classic cut from Heatwave, dark electronic stuff from Dwellings, and more.

Heatwave – “Star Of A Story” 

I was trying to listen to the new Blackest Ever Black mix on NTS radio, Heatwave’s “Star Of A Story” came on, and I was floored. I thought it was part of the BEB set, it wasn’t, but reminded me just how good this song is. Heatwave was a disco/funk band in the 70s and had hits with “Boogie Nights” and “Always and Forever.” I’ve tried to get into some of that stuff but it’s really not for me. When they slow it down it get’s really interesting. There’s something really delicate and breezy about this song that makes you want it to go on forever. I’m not sure if it’s the electric piano touches or the vocals, but whatever it is, this is easily one of my favorite songs from the 70s.

The Flex – “Shiftless”
Now this 7″ hasn’t left my turn table in weeks. I do get the  80s NYC and Boston Hardcore comparisons thrown around. What makes The Flex’s “Scum On The Run” one of the better hardcore 7″s of the year though is just how well done these songs are. It feels like this band has been together for years and this 7″ is another great one in their already massive discography, but right now all we have are 2 cassettes and this. I’m sure these guys are killer live, someone get them to come over from the UK now!

Blues Creation – “Atom Bombs Away”
Some might think I’m crazy, but I actually enjoy Blues Creation more than I do Flower Travelin’ Band. I always thought singer/guitarist Kazuo Takeda’s vocals were really solid. His solos remind me of Ace Frehley if he listened to more blues. Songs like “Just As I Was Born” and “Sorrow” from the “Demons & Eleven Children” LP that “Atom Bombs Away” is from, are some of the heaviest songs recorded in the 70s. If you are a fan of guitars, you really need to hear this LP.

Ilhan Mimaroglu – “La Ruche”

One of the reasons I checked out Ilhan Mimaroglu is because I heard he worked with Vladimir Alexeevich Ussachevsky, one of my favorite electronic music composers. In this song we find Mimaroglu interweaving violin with what seems to be prepared piano. As with a lot of this stuff there’s a lot of room to breathe.

Dwellings – “Frame Speed”

I don’t know much about Dwellings, I do know that if you are a fan of stuff like Regis, Svreca, and Sandwell District stuff, you’ll dig this. What makes it worth your attention is what Chris Haslam packs into this track. He doesn’t take the cheap route and let atmospherics do all the work, he’s extremely focused here and on the rest of this cassette (which unfortunately was only limited to 50 cassettes). A lot of this dark electronic/techno stuff seems to becoming a trend today (especially with the noise crowd) but Dwellings is worth your time no matter what you’re into. One of the best electronic releases this year.