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Welcome to another Found Fridays. This week we have a classic cut from Louisville’s first hardcore band Malignant Growth, a new track from pop makers Wildhoney, psychedelic industrial weirdos Church Shuttle, and more. Next week Baltimore Ravens tickets go on sale and you bet I’ll be at that Houston game when Ray Lewis gets inducted to the Ravens “Ring of Honor.”

Shxcxchcxsh – “Ldwgwtt”

Sweeden’s Shxcxchcxsh debut LP just came out this past week and I’m pretty impressed. Combining industrial and trance (yes, trance), Shxcxchcxsh have released an album that goes beyond the normal minimal techno label. There’s a lot of room to breathe on these tracks which is what makes this LP stand out. While I hate to use the term “dark,” these tracks are meant to be played at night.

Malignant Growth – “Hopeless”

I don’t know too much about Malignant Growth. I do know they are from Louisville, KY ad are said to be Louisville’s first Hardcore band. I first heard them on the great “Master Tape Vol II” compilation released in 1984. I always thought what set them apart from a lot of bands on the comp was the guitar tone, while nothing out of this world, I just like that clean sound compared to some of their peers at the time, it’s refreshing to hear when listening to the rest of the bands on the LP.

Roy Brooks – “Will Pan’s Walk”

Roy Brooks is easily one of my favorite Hard-Bop Jazz drummers and this track off of” The Free Slave” one of his seven LPs as a band leader shows off his chops without over doing it. Bassist Cecil McBee also shines through with his ease of play that isn’t forced. The interplay between Brooks, McBee and pianist Hugh Lawson make this a highlight of the LP which certainly deserves your attention. Oh and this was recorded in Baltimore, MD how about that?

Wildhoney – “Super Stupid”

I hate on a lot of shoegaze bands cause pretty much 90% of the new ones I hear are complete garbage. I get it, you can do hazy vocals and you sold all your shitty record collection for a Jazzmaster. What really bugs me though isn’t the sound it’s the songs. Wildhoney seem to understand that and while sure these songs rely on female hazy vocals and a tremolo sound, they seem to be reaching for something a little bit deeper. These songs don’t remind me of pink and red blurry colors, there’s a “bummer” vibe here that I really enjoy. Sophie Walter’s voice seems way more in front of the mix, and this is a good thing because the lower tone she has works extremely well. Wildhoney are a pop band through and through, and if this 7″ is any indication, they are a good one at that.

Church Shuttle – “Something Came”

When I first heard this cassette, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. i kept trying to figure out if i even liked this. It’s out there and in some ways reminds me of that LP by Cromagnon -“Orgasm”, with it’s creepy minimal industrial textures. The label discribes their sound as “nihilistic psychedelic industrial ”rock'”, ok sure, I’ll take that. A lot of slow moving drudges but whats going on behind them keeps it interesting. Heavy bass abuse like tracks “Will” really seal the deal for this one. Cassette is sold out, but well worth your time to seek out if you can.