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By Sean Gray

Welcome to another Found Fridays. It’s been a while. I’ve been spending most of my days trying to learn Japanese and watch the Orioles do OK. Following Chris Davis this year has been awesome. Anyway, this week we have a track from one of the best singles of the year from Good Throb, a classic cut from Mauthausen Orchestra, something poppy from Ryan Power and more.

  • Dark Lion – “For Scotty”

I’m probably wrong, but I don’t know many bands from Pensacola, FL and for some reason Dark Lion don’t sound like they should be from anywhere near that place. So to throw on this 7” and hear something between No Response, Nog Watt, and Heart Attack is pretty great. There’s a little bit more going on hear than just a full-on attack. It could be some sort pop element I hear underneath a lot of their songs.

  • Chelsea Girl – “Miki”

S/T by Chelsea Girl

Look, let’s get two things out of the way: this band name is pure garbage. It’s embarrassing to tell people about this band and they see their stupid fucking name. Secondly, Parts Unknown is still a label? In any event, heavier bands have been adding shoegaze/dreamy elements to their music. Jesu did it, The Angelic Process never got their due, and now that Deafhaven band, who sound like some clowny emo band that happens to like black metal and shoegaze, are doing it. For the most part, Chelsea Girl gets it right. More Godflesh meets Ride. The songs are there and they stick with you. I’m also enjoying it cause it seems pretty minimal and not blown out by layers upon layers of guitar and vocals.

  • Alberich – “Image of Progress”

Alberich, aka Kris Lapke, has made a name for himself with a handful of releases on the great Hospital Productions label. Alberich has come a long way even from the 2011 “Psychology of Love” release. Here we find an even more aggressive Alberich using more than just noise bursts to make an impact. The “Turned Back” EP underscores how Lapke is able to hone in on noise and an industrial backbone to make something pretty mind-blowing.

  • Good Throb – “Culture Vulture”

Culture Vulture 7″ by Good Throb

This probably will be my favorite 7” of the year. There’s something refreshing about this band. It feels they’re pushing against a lot of trends in punk right now. For lack of a better term, the demo, and both 7”s feel as though everything is getting pushed in your face. They’ve been compared to everything from the X from Australia to Crass (yeah, I don’t get it either). One thing is clear, I’m gonna root for any band that name drops Judith Butler in a song.

  • Mauthausen Orchestra – “Bloodyminded”

I’m kind of late to the game on Mauthausen Orchestra, but this LP is really great. I guess I’ve been missing out on a lot of early Italian noise. You would think I would know more as I love Maurizio Bianchi. This rules. Listen to it.

  • Ryan Power – “I Don’t Want to Die”

I really like the NNA Tapes label. They always seem to be trying to push themselves, even if it’s stuff I don’t like, which I totally respect. From what I understand, Ryan Power has been writing and recording for a while. Most of his songs sound like some lost ’70s AM radio hits filtered through very minimal insturmentation. The recordings are thin in a good way and leave a lot of breathing room. Beyond everything else though, the songs are extremely catchy.