Found Fridays: Songs You Didn’t Know You Needed
Sean Gray | Dec 14, 2012 | 1:30PM |
Photo credit: Josh Sisk
Welcome to another Found Fridays. Time to spend the little bit of money you do have on some shitty gifts you have to get for the holidays or the overpriced winter lager you’ve been eyeing that actually tastes like crap. It’s been a bummer week for me as it seems the most offensively named team in sports beat my Ravens this week. I really don’t wanna live in a world where the Redskins are a winning team. This week we get into some killer jazz from Frank Foster, new Hunted Down, and live stuff from Pure Junk (ex-Double Dagger).

Killer debut 7″ EP from this Syracuse band.  Ugly vocals and pretty noisy, but no way can you call it “noise punk.” This has more in common with Cro-Mags and the pace of that C.I.A 7″  than anything else. There does seem to be a bit of a d-beat vibe though maybe that’s due to their close neighbors Rome, NY’s Herpes (ex members of the great No Fucker). Either way this 7″ is worth hunting down.

A great 1968 record off Blue Note, Frank Foster’s Manhattan Fever LP really demonstrates how good of a sax player Foster was. “The House Love Built” is a slow tune that relies more on Foster and drummer Mickey Roker holding back then pushing the hard bop material. Richard Wyands, known for his piano work with Kenny Burrell also slays on this song. The whole album isn’t a slow affair, “Seventh Avenue Bill” is a great hard bop cut and the title track has a groove that never gets tired.


  • Pure Junk 


Pure Junk is the new band that has risen from the ashes of the defunct Double Dagger. Not really sure when they will have any releases out, but judging from the two live shows I’ve heard the band sounds tight. Seems like this is a project they’ve taken their time with. Your reference points for this will most likely be early Black Flag riffs with the snarky feel of No Milk On Tuesday and Crusifucks, which makes sure it doesn’t go into some goofy OFF! territory.  This is some promising stuff and it doesn’t hurt that singer/Baltimore Ravens fan Nolen Strals is one of the best frontmen around.

Yeah I will say this now to get this out of the way: I’m sick of Black Metal. I think a lot of people are and I think it has more to do with people “talking” about Black Metal, and trying to find even the most obscure shitty band then actual good records. All that said, Ildjarn is pretty damn awesome. It’s lo-fi sure, what else is new right? This LP from 1995 along with the few after are great and need to be heard if you enjoy everything from early Takke and Ashe era Burzum. Though I think part of the reason I like this record is because it sound’s like if Harry Pussy tried to make a black metal record.

I’m a huge sucker for power pop and Splitsville in the 90s did it right. I think I saw them when I was like 15 or something at a battle of the bands at Merriwether (not kidding) and I thought to myself as they played “This band is ok….they kinda sound like Superdrag…oh wait this rules” I got home, ordered their newest CD right away, was even more stoked they were on the same label as Shonen Knife. “Ponce De Leon” sounds their channeling “Lady Madonna,” which is fine by me. They later recorded an LP called Pet Soul which should tell you where this band was coming from.