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Welcome to another Found Friday’s. It’s fucking ugly outside right now. I took two weeks off because I was too busy ordering hot wings each time this column was due. That’s right, hot wings are more important than good, new music. This week we have new stuff from the best band in America, Watery Love, a heavy classic from Jazkamer, a cut from Frau’s the blistering cassette, and more. Oh one more thing, the Redskins suck.

Watery Love – “Sick People”

Let me make this clear, Watery Love is one of the best bands in the world, by a mile. Beyond writing such classics as “I’m a Skull” and “Die With Dignity,” the covers they do are done with class and originality. Take their interpretation of Breakdown’s NYHC classic “Sick People” from a new 7” released by In The Red, out soon, I think? The cover isn’t surprising if you’ve followed Watery Love since day one, but for those who haven’t you’re in for a treat. It’s sloppy, slowed down, messy, and ugly in the best way. It’s what you’d want to hear after watching your baseball team blow a chance to the playoffs, even when they have one of the best hitters in the game. Listen to this with a cold beer covered by a Richie Records beer kozie for the maximum experience.

Frau – “Nada”

Frau draws a line between them and everyone else in punk, and it’s a brilliant listen. There’s a sense of urgency here that makes this cassette worth your time. “Nada” is a great example of how well this band does at controlling a feeling of implosion. The bass line that pushes this song is top notch. I guess it’s no surprise this is great considering it’s members of Good Throb and Woolf.

No Trend – “Spank Me (With Your Love Monkey, Baby)”

Lot’s have already been written about No Trend so I’m going to spare you the bullshit. You either like them, don’t like them,  or don’t get them (especially anything after the “Too Many Humans LP”). Lot’s of people I know can’t hang with any of their later stuff, and I get that, but for me, their final LP “More” is right up there with everything else they’ve done. I, like many, have avoided this release just due to how insane it sounded.  The music on this album sounds like if DC legend Root Boy Slim fronted No Trend. Gone is the abrasive tones put forth by stuff like “Teen Love” and “Kiss Ass To Your Peer Group.” What we have on “More” is funk, ska, more funk, hardcore breakdowns, and a Beach Boy’s “SMiLE” like epic closer. How can you not want to hear this? If fucking with people was No Trend’s motive, this album for some might be a WTF moment, but for me it represents perfectly what made No Trend so great.

Jazkamer – “Friends of Satan”

An oldie but a goodie. I bought this in 2006 with a few other records. I had heard of Jazkamer and was more interested in the album title: “Metal Music Machine.” The album is Jazkamer’s take on stuff beyond just noise and power electronics. “Friends of Satan” is more than just pummeling. Is it grind? Is it death metal? Those labels do nothing to help this record. So just listen to the damn thing.

Rusted Shut – “Dead In The Water”

Rusted Shut’s classic brutal noise rock LP “Rehab” was just re-issued by Dull Knife and not a moment too soon. With new and (quality, mind you) noise rock/punk/enter clowny genre here just add noise bands popping up such as: Clean Girls, Whore Paint etc., it makes since why this LP would be worth your dollars. “Rehab” is a reminder that whatever your band is doing, it will never be as good as this.