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Welcome to another Found Fridays. The songs this week, minus one, were on repeat during all my Fantasy Football drafting. I think I did better this year. I didn’t draft a defense first, unlike last year. Pretty proud of myself that I didn’t have to draft any Steelers. I won’t even talk about the Ravens loss yesterday, it’s still too painful. This week we have new stuff from Unwound alum’s Survival Knife, Boston hardcore ragers Fugitive, a cut from one of the best cassettes of the year from Box Hundreds, and more.

Survival Knife – “Devine Mob”

I miss Unwound. Those early singles were something of legend. They were one of those “post hardcore” bands with more noisey tendencies than most they were sometimes lumped with, and it seemed everyone could get behind. Later LPs hinted at them really focusing on sound and dynamics instead of just controlled assault. I remember buying their final LP “Leaves Turn Inside You” at my local record store and just telling the record store clerk, “I’m not waiting to get home to listen to this. Can I hang out here and just listen to a few tunes?” He let me in the back and right from the first seconds of layered squall from “We Event You,” I knew it would be an epic record. Unwound broke up after that LP and I never got to see them. Last year two members of Unwound started playing live has Survival Knife and earlier this year a debut 7″ was released on Sub Pop, and while that was good, this new 7″ on Kill Rock Stars 10/15 (at least side A) seems to blow that out of the water. It’s all here, the obtuse playing of Unwound alumni Justin Trosper under his urgent vocals. And really, that’s the key. This 7″ sounds urgent in the best way. As a friend of mine said, it’s as if they’re showing other bands how it should be done. I couldn’t agree more. School is in session and this 7″ is your fucking textbook.

Steve Lacy – “The Breath”

Another classic from Steve Lacy and a highlight in the Actuel catalog. On his 1969 LP, “Moon,” we find Lacy pretty relaxed as a leader, and while this isn’t as out there as some of his other work, it still gives you insight to how abstract of a player he can be.

Stina Nordenstam – “The Keen Yellow Planet”

Here’s one of those songs I wouldn’t expect myself to like but can’t help. There’s something charming about this weird brit pop/Blur/electronic type song. “The Keen Yellow Planet” really displays how good Stina Nordenstam is at writing something minimal. It has a lot of breathing room. The rest of the LP doesn’t quite live up to the promising minimal vibes of this song, but this song is strong enough to at least give you her attention.

Fugitive – “The Program”

I gave this band a chance due to the cover of the cassette, which has a photo of some guy wearing a Homostupids shirt (one of the only Terminal Boredom hyped bands that don’t come off clowny as hell in 2013). I’m glad I did because while this is pretty by-the-numbers hardcore, it still retains my attention due to the songs being precise and to the point. The singer has a bratty tone to him on songs like “Shitmouth” which works pretty well for them. Cool drawing of a spikey punk with 3 eyes swimming or something on the inside of the J card.

Box Hundreds – “Island of the Mind”

What happens if you take Purling Hiss and make them listen to nothing but twee? Box Hundreds is as close as you get, and while on paper that might sound like complete garbage, it actually works! I’ve had this cassette for a week and can’t stop listening to it. There’s really nothing quite like this, or at least done executed this well. “Island of the Mind” feels big, as if something is driving this song to the point of combustion, but the dreamy vocals always keep you in check. It took me a few listens to really get what this band is doing, but once it hits you it’s hard to not be excited about whatever this band does next. Someone, please, issue this on vinyl, as this deserves so much more.