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Welcome to another Found Fridays. My fantasy football draft is this weekend so a lot of my time has been spent reading up on strategy. I won’t make the same mistake I made last year which is pick a defense first. I know, not smart, but my main goal this year is to pick a few decent receivers that are consistent. I always tend to end up with a few good running backs. Anyways, this is a pretty heavy week with choice cuts from Boston’s Bad Idea, Hoax, Demdike Stare, and a few others. Usually the summer is meh for new releases but in the past month we’ve had two strong LPs that blow a lot of other releases this year out of the water, Hoax and Impalers.

Bad Idea – “Jokes”

It took me a few listens to really get what was going on with Boston’s Bad Idea. They’ve got some Cro-Mags vibes but what really sets this apart is the vocals. They’re urgent and demand attention, beyond the normal aggressive vocals that seem to be an easy way out for some other hardcore bands. Every song I can almost imagine people running up on stage to sing along.  Oh and fun fact: Bad Idea has a DC connection, they share a member or two with DC’s Mary Christ

Impalers – “Wrecking Ball”

This is exactly what I wanted from the new Impalers LP, just blistering and focused D-Beat infused hardcore, and let me be honest readers, I’m fucking sick of hearing/reading about every new D-Beat infused hardcore/raw punk/whatever band, but this is on a whole other level. “Wrecking Ball” is easily one of the highlights on this new LP and showcases how far ahead this band is sonically. The recording is pretty clean and it works on their favor. There’s a few songs where it almost gets too rock n roll like “Church Bitch,” but overall this LP is mostly solid.

Hoax – “Drive”

Ok, I said this to some already but “Drive” has the best break down in any song this year. A buddy of mine thinks it could be in the top 5 breakdowns ever, but I dunno. I’ll admit, it’s taken me a few listens to really appreciate this LP, and I still think Hoax recordings work better in a singles/EP format, but the reality of it is after hearing a few wanna-bes cop the Hoax style, Hoax can still blow them and a lot of other bands out of the water. You need this record, it’s that simple.


Clean Girls – “First Day Out”

A buddy of mind turned me on to Clean Girls. He knew I was a fan of stuff like Cherubs. Instantly this reminded me of one of Baltimore’s best bands, The New Flesh, due to how great the vocals sound and the “I don’t give a fuck about you or anyone” attitude these songs give off. Sure, this is noisey stuff and might take you back to your old AmRep catalog but that wouldn’t really do this band justice.  The new EP “Last House” almost drifts into some (very light) dreamy territory, though what this band is great at is the dynamic within these songs, they know when to pull back and completely let go.  The track “First Day Out” is a great example of that and without the full-on attack that was part of their first EP. It took me for a surprise, but in a good way. Don’t sleep on this band folks, this is how noise rock or whatever the hell you wanna call it is suppose to be done.

Demdike Stare – “Collision”

It took me awhile to get to the Demdike Stare test press series. I’m glad I finally did. This first single is a complete ripper. From the start the drums struggle to blast through the icy electronics pulsing in the forefront until 5 or so minutes the drums finally push they’re way through. The focus on this single is mind blowing and is a great reminder why any fan of electronic music, or music in general, needs to be paying attention.