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It’s another Found Fridays, and another shitty week behind us. I’m in a good mood because the Ravens are still the number two seed right now, and the Jets still fucking suck. Anyways, here’s another batch of songs I’m pumped about. These songs aren’t gonna impress that dorky person who works for a NPO you’ve been trying to pick up all night at that over priced bar this weekend, but at least you’ll go home rejected and have some good songs to listen to.

  • Pain Jerk – “Rocketry”


I remember playing this for someone once in a car before hand telling them it was The Ramones (they also have never heard The Ramones before believe it or not), and for a moment they believed me. They couldn’t fathom why anyone gave a shit about these “Ramones.” Anyways, I always thought Pain Jerk was always as good as Merzbow, Masonna Etc. This cut is from a 1993 cassette and pretty much shows Mr. Gomi at his most violent.

  • Bukkake Boys – No Friends

Terrible name for a band, and for some reason for awhile I thought these guys were swimming in the BBQ sauce and had been kept afloat by their leather jackets. I was wrong though, this is some raging stuff. Aggressive hardcore by the numbers sure, but done extremely well and no filler. Drumming is a highlight here, and doesn’t sound weak or lazy. If you liked the Slices or STAB records this year, this is for you.

  • Abbey Lincoln – Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe

That’s Him! is one of those records you can listen to over and over again and want to hear Abbey Lincoln’s voice forever. Sonny Rollins solo in “Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe” ranks high up there for me, sure it’s simple but works perfectly. Lincoln comes in right after the solo without missing a beat and reminds you she owns this song. If you never listened to Abbey Lincoln please do so now.

  • Kreng – Le Bateleur 

Kreng aka Pepijn Caudron released the awesome LP titled Grimorie last year and after countless listens, I still can’t wrap my head around it. It feels more like a soundtrack then a collection of songs as Kreng is all about atmosphere. Caudron combines minimal electronics, sparse piano, horns, and so much more to engulf you in a very dark place that feels like you might never get out of. I guess it helps that his influences for this LP were magic occult books or something goofy like that. Seriously though, this is one of those records you won’t be able to stop thinking about.

  • Tomo Akikawabaya – Mars 

As far as I know, Japanese minimal synth is kinda hard to come by, so it surprised me when I found this. The Castle LP released in 1984 is pretty ambitious and starts off with an almost 13 minute drone track then goes right into “Mars.” What makes “Mars” so interesting is that Akikawabaya was able to pull back and make something so simple. The almost hypnotic beat never seems to get old and drives the song even when that some what cheesey guitar solo comes in. Pretty much all the songs on the LP follow this sort of blue print, but the songs themselves are so catchy you don’t give a shit, so basically like The Ramones or something.