Fort Reno Schedule Announced:
svetlana | May 31, 2007 | 10:55AM |
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Despite all those (horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE) rumors that there may be no Fort Reno this year, it is back. And with a vengeance if we may say so ourselves: the schedule looks pretty kick ass. Everyone and their mother and Edie Sedgwick are on it so there is no reason for you NOT to spend you 7 to 9 pms in Tenleytown this Summer.

photo by Chris Chen (@ furcafe)

We would pick favorites, but that would be sort of non patriotic (plus we promise to write more as each date approaches)… so just the cold hard, facts (more info, if you are a “more info” kind of person available at

Monday, June 18th
Mass Movement of the Moth, Deleted Scenes, The Boom Orangutangs

Thursday, June 21st
The Hard Tomorrows, Let’s French, The Mirror Script

Monday, June 25th
LeJeune, Pup Tent, Engine Room

Thursday, July 2nd
Mess Up the Mess, The Sentiment, Julie Ocean

Monday, July 2nd
The Evens, Joe Lally

Thursday, July 5th
Max Levine Ensemble, TBA, Sonic Survivor

Monday, July 9th
Greenland, Statehood, Kitty Hawk

Thursday, July 12th
Mary Timony, Medications, The Charm Offensive

Monday, July 16th
Caribbean, Len Bias, The Ardennes

Thursday, July 19th
Beauty Pill, Carol Bui, The Alphabetical Order

Monday, July 23rd
Meredith Bragg, TBA, The Andaulsians

Thursday, July 26th
Antelope, The Omega Band, Scanner Freaks

Monday, July 30th

Thursday, August 2nd
The Aquarium, Benjy Ferree, Yell County

Monday, August 6th
TBA, TBA, Shapes Not Sounds

Thursday, August 9th
Brandon Butler, TBA, Baby Killer Estelle

Monday, August 13th
TBA, Perfect Souvenir, TBA

Thursday, August 16th
Edie Sedgwick, Sentai, TBA

and here are some memories of times past courtesy of flickr and the “fort reno” tag.
(all of which cross-link to their rightful owners if you just double click on them, we promise)

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