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svetlana | May 31, 2007 | 10:55AM |
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Despite all those (horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE) rumors that there may be no Fort Reno this year, it is back. And with a vengeance if we may say so ourselves: the schedule looks pretty kick ass. Everyone and their mother and Edie Sedgwick are on it so there is no reason for you NOT to spend you 7 to 9 pms in Tenleytown this Summer.

photo by Chris Chen (@ furcafe)

We would pick favorites, but that would be sort of non patriotic (plus we promise to write more as each date approaches)… so just the cold hard, facts (more info, if you are a “more info” kind of person available at

Monday, June 18th
Mass Movement of the Moth, Deleted Scenes, The Boom Orangutangs

Thursday, June 21st
The Hard Tomorrows, Let’s French, The Mirror Script

Monday, June 25th
LeJeune, Pup Tent, Engine Room

Thursday, July 2nd
Mess Up the Mess, The Sentiment, Julie Ocean

Monday, July 2nd
The Evens, Joe Lally

Thursday, July 5th
Max Levine Ensemble, TBA, Sonic Survivor

Monday, July 9th
Greenland, Statehood, Kitty Hawk

Thursday, July 12th
Mary Timony, Medications, The Charm Offensive

Monday, July 16th
Caribbean, Len Bias, The Ardennes

Thursday, July 19th
Beauty Pill, Carol Bui, The Alphabetical Order

Monday, July 23rd
Meredith Bragg, TBA, The Andaulsians

Thursday, July 26th
Antelope, The Omega Band, Scanner Freaks

Monday, July 30th

Thursday, August 2nd
The Aquarium, Benjy Ferree, Yell County

Monday, August 6th
TBA, TBA, Shapes Not Sounds

Thursday, August 9th
Brandon Butler, TBA, Baby Killer Estelle

Monday, August 13th
TBA, Perfect Souvenir, TBA

Thursday, August 16th
Edie Sedgwick, Sentai, TBA

and here are some memories of times past courtesy of flickr and the “fort reno” tag.
(all of which cross-link to their rightful owners if you just double click on them, we promise)

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Recent Comments:
  • svetlana svetlana says:

    This is a general note re: flickr photo use (since I have received some comments/emails about and I would just like to address them here);

    on VERY rare occasion (the only other one being the Borf information article) we search the flickr through wordpress for illustrations (usually if it is a collective experience event and just one point of view photos don’t seem to be appropriate)

    and while the search does not ALLOW me to see the name of every photographer (otherwise we would credit, there is no question about it) the way the photos are posted allows ALL readers to click on the photo and it will lead you DIRECTLY into the credited photographer’s flickr, for interested parties to use and peruse more, get in touch with, love etc….

    I apologize if we stepped on any toes and did not clear this up ahead of time.

    Thank you.

  • Zak from Scanner Freaks says:

    Hey all – I’ve been talking to, or have played with a few of the bands on the list this year, and I have to say I’m very excited about the variety of bands being featured at Fort Reno this season. Take my bands show for example: Three uniquely DC bands: The Omega Band – traces of bad brains, a terrific female lead, stunning and rocking songs. Antelope – Gentle and stripped down punk roots, stark and beautiful songs. And us (Scanner freaks): I’m not going to describe us beyond saying we are high energy and fast – a sharp contrast to the other two bands, but DC non the less.

    I actually believe the Fort Reno folks put a lot of thought into this, based upon quite a few factors. If you thing bands got turned down, the simple fact is they may not have submitted early enough… we started talking to Amanda late last year, and then again in March. There are quite a few new bands, and some older good bands… it’s definitely going to be a good season.

  • the Boom Orangutangs says:

    ok thanks

  • svetlana svetlana says:

    coming up a little later this week.
    all special and stuff.

  • the Boom Orangutangs says:

    hey we were interviewed. wheres the article? 🙁

  • kipp r says:

    I was responding to grace’s comment and to other complaints I’ve heard around town about this year’s schedule.

  • svetlana svetlana says:

    Actually Kip, we ARE pretty excited for the schedule, so watch this space for regular Fort Reno previews and even some unexpected, first time only interviews.

  • kipp r says:

    actually, I see a lot of names I don’t recognize and I’m pretty DC music scene savvy. that, to me, is ‘new’ enough. I checked some of them out, like shapes not sounds and boom orangutans, and they seem really young and passionate about their music, which is kind of the point of this concert series.

    this is a terrific schedule that covers a lot of whatever the current dc ‘scene’ is. not all bands ask to play either. you can only do so much with 18 shows, and I think amanda & co didn’t want to recreate the H st show schedules. no one’s counting money or heads through the door at fort reno…

    I think people are griping because middle distance runner isn’t on the schedule. but there are some other byt and dcist favs up there – greenland, the hard tomorrows, the sentiment…you know, the mediocre safe-rock bands that the DC press seem to favor now…so why are you complaining? as I said, the schedule covers all aspects of the dc scene…the overhyped with the unknown with the classics with the sincere artists.

    I’m pretty stoked about edie sedgewick, the carribean, beauty pill, mass movement and antelope. mary timony and medications played last year, but they both play kick ass daring rock that deserve the recognition they’re getting by being on the schedule, local attention that they rarely get otherwise. the evens are a repeat act, too but that’s a given…the fort reno legacy wouldn’t be what it is without ian mackaye and his peers.

    georgie james is on the schedule, too…so what’s the problem? EVERYONE likes them, even snarky, cynical assholes like myself.

  • grace says:

    i have to say i am disappointed with this years schedule, just because i know the quality of a lot of talent that gets turned away and then see some of what is up here. I question the premise of featuring “new” talent when this schedule looks strikingly similar to last years, filled with many bands that completely underwhelmed me.

    but of course, i’ll still be there every time because fort renos are the best nights of summer.

  • iconoclasst says:

    My pix of The Evens and Joe Lally playing the 7/2/07 show can be found here, with a link to my flickr account (many more pix from that show):