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It’s been a while! Things got a little bonkers for me in the fall, and as a result I found myself watching less Netflix. (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!) But don’t even worry, ’cause now that it’s officially wintertime (at least, that’s what the calendar would lead me to believe even if the weather IS hella tropical for this time of year) I plan on hitting the couch for extended periods of time to watch all of the TV shows and all of the movies. In fact, I’ve even gotten a head-start by binge-watching all of The Great British Baking Show, which is THE GREATEST SHOW THAT HAS EVER BEEN CREATED.

The Plot: Well, this is more of a reality TV competition than anything else, but essentially it follows a group of amateur British bakers from week to week as they battle it out for all the baking glory in the land. Each episode features a series of three themed challenges (the contestants must create breads, pastries, pies, cakes, etc.) judged by Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, two ridiculously-named baking experts (naturally); the interpersonal drama is minimal (in fact, everyone is exceedingly friendly and helpful towards one another), and the creations are AMAZING. Like, if a show was Xanax, this one would most certainly be it. (Seriously, if you’re feeling stressed out or bummed out or ANYTHING OUT, this will provide a relaxing journey complete with proving drawers and tempered chocolate.)

The show has been so popular in the UK that it’s got spin-offs in countries as far away as South Africa and Australia, and TONIGHT it’s going to make a big televised debut in the US on ABC for the holidays. I don’t have high hopes for the Americanized version, but Mary Berry WILL be a judge and there WILL be a tent involved (which is where all the action takes place in the UK), so perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised. If all else fails, there is the one season available on Netflix (hopefully soon to be more), and if you find yourself at the end of the episode rainbow, head on over to YouTube for some bootlegged episodes from other seasons filed under “Great British Bake Off” or “GBBO”. DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.


And until next Foreign ‘Flixchange Student…

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