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If there’s one thing that Heather Goss of Ten Miles Square and Rachel Cothran of Project Beltway know how to do, it’s to organize an amazing photography exhibition. On Saturday night at the Honfleur Gallery, they played host to Flaunt: Photography & Fashion Collaboration, the opening of a show to highlight unique fashion photography by four local photographers: Joshua Yospyn, John Ulaszek, Meaghan Gay, and Steve Goldenberg.

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The night’s weather hovered in the 80’s and the humidity was truly comparable to that of a summer’s evening in DC. On top of that, the air conditioning in the gallery was either non-functional or turned off. Sweating like hogs, people paid no mind and continued to fill the beautiful space while enjoying the lounge music from the DJ, as well as the wonderfully-framed photography on the walls. It was also great to see the exhibition-goers interact with the artists and models themselves, asking various questions or simply offering support and encouragement.

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What makes Flaunt extra special is that the photographers had the opportunity to work with local fashion designers Dana Greaves, Taimur Baig, Lara Akinsaya, and Will Sharp. The result is a fantastic showcase of 100% home-grown work. For years the DC art and fashion scene has been written off as non-existent by people within and far outside our beltway. Flaunt is a refreshing step forward to prove that notion wrong, to show that DC has immeasurable talent in all mediums of art. In this particular collaboration, it demonstrates a uniquely different perception of fashion photography by all participating artists.

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Flaunt is on exhibition until June 6, 2009, so definitely carve some time out with some friends between now and then to check out the photographs on display. The Honfleur Gallery is located in Anacostia at 1241 Good Hope Rd. SE. It’s a relatively close walk from the Anacostia Metro Station, which is on the Green Line.


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Also, keep in mind that Flaunt is only the first part of two exciting events: Ten Miles Square and Project Beltway have planned to put together a closing reception and runway show on June 6, 2009, so keep your eyes, ears, and calendars open. Tickets for the runway show are $10. For advanced purchasing, call (202) 536-8994 or email [email protected].

Full set of the event photos located here.

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