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As you know, PRIDE IS THIS WEEK. Which means that our Flashback Official Pride Kick-Off Party, celebrating 40 years of Capital Pride is on Friday, June 12th. You probably have tickets already, but if you don’t – you should get them now. Nevermind, we’re sold-out.

In the meantime – we asked all of our decades DJs to select some choice cuts from their set to share and get you excited to shake your thangs and things to this on Friday.


The entirety of my high school and college coming-of-age years were spent in the 90’s, so I have a deep love for this decade and am honored to be bringing it to the BYT Flashback Party on Friday night. Here are a few highlights…

My favorite song of all-time – “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” by Sophie B. Hawkins – was released in March 1992. Check out its first video, which MTV hilariously enough BANNED from its airwaves for being TOO RACY, resulting in the tame black & white warehouse rehearsal video most people remember. Given what MTV has aired since, Ms. Hawkins’ arty first video seems positively Puritanical, even if she is writhing around on the floor in a makeshift diaper at the song’s frenzied climax.

But as epic as that song is, it’s not really a dancefloor filler. For that we turn to Fatboy Slim’s 1998 classic “The Rockafeller Skank”. I’m hoping that whoever reads this will have time before Friday night to put together an impromptu flash-mobby performance of professionally trained high schoolers to reenact the prom scene from “She’s All That”. And if Freddie Prinze Jr. shows up and looks as bored as he does in this video, well, somebody please slip him my number. I’ll be doing my best Usher impression from the the DJ booth, yelling out random commands like “PUNCH IT!”

For those who like a more lyrical, melodic, yet slightly underground dancefloor moment, here’s Sunscreem’s “Love U More,” which I discovered in high school the very first time I ever went to a dance club. It’s simply a beautiful song that happens to have been set to a percolating electronic beat.

My all-time favorite music artist debuted on the scene right at the end of the 90’s. Macy Gray’s “On How Life Is” was released in 1999, and in September the album’s second single “I Try” began its journey towards becoming a timeless classic. Macy still releases an album every couple years, and her new stuff sounds just as good as her old stuff. Popular tastes may change, but Macy Gray never goes out of style.


Let’s finish on a high with 1998’s “You Get What You Give” by New Radicals, AKA prolific songwriter yet reluctant pop star Gregg Alexander. Despite writing classic hits for others like “Murder On The Dancefloor” by Sophie Ellis-Bextor like “The Game Of Love” for Santana ft. Michelle Branch, this was his one and only hit as an artist before deciding that the spotlight wasn’t for him and retreating behind the scenes. It’s a pretty great song to claim as your one hit, and I almost always play it as the last song of the night at my monthly 1990’s party Peach Pit at DC9. It will probably be the last song of my set at the BYT Flashback Party too, ‘cuz it’s just a great feeling to go out on. ONE DANCE LEFT!