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Photos courtesy of MUNDY unless otherwise noted.

When she plays the BYT/Capital Pride FLASHBACK Opening Party this Friday at Arena Stage, MUNDY will bring more than just music. She’s got a strong handle on rock-and-roll style and a mission to make the musical live set a multi-sense experience which brings you closer to the people around you. We talk with MUNDY ahead of her performance.

Brightest Young Things: Could you tell us a little bit about MUNDY – both you as a person and the band? 

MUNDY: I have always been an artist and have explored many different mediums of self expression in both visual and performing arts. Music has always been at the core of everything I do. I have danced my whole life and have always been a very kinesthetically minded person. With my band, my main objective is to create music that is unlike anything else currently out there. I am inspired by so many different types of music, I wanted to take all those inspirations and put them through the MUNDY filter to create something new. In my performances, people should expect a positively charged energetic explosion of good vibes.


Brightest Young Things: I think one of the things that most intrigues me about you is that you suddenly “popped up” on the music scene in DC. You had been pretty well-known around town, but not many people knew about a musical side of you. Was this a sudden decision to begin to express yourself musically, or had you just been quietly working on this for awhile?

MUNDY: Ha! That is so true. Yes, I have been known mainly as an actress in town. I was a company member with Washington Shakespeare Company for years. I had been writing music for a while, working on developing my voice and my sound. But in January 2014, I made the decision to stop theater completely and focus solely on my music. Though I love theater and the spoken word, music is what feeds my soul the most and I had to follow my heart.


Brightest Young Things: There is an visually artistic side of MUNDY that I really love. Apart from the vocals and instruments, there seems to be a good amount of thought put into your presentation and style on stage. I’d liken it back to the electroclash days of the early 2000’s when there was a push to present visual art as part of live performances – or to someone like Grace Jones or David Bowie who incorporate that into almost everything they do. Artistically, what are you trying to convey to audiences visually at your performances? Is there a message there? Or, just a great sense of style?

MUNDY: Thank You! Yes there is definitely a message. I want to take people on a musical journey through space and time. My music and philosophy of life are about inclusivity, which is to include all of the art forms and all people. I view what I am doing as performance art, and I want the experience we are providing to engage all of the senses. It is also very important to me to challenge hetero normative gender roles with my style and words to promote a sexually empowering environment for everyone.


Brightest Young Things: Has anyone ever compared you stylistically to David Bowie? Because, there is a touch of Bowie there.

MUNDY: That is a huge compliment to me because he is an idol of mine. The main inspiration I take from him is his bravery to be true to his vision no matter what. He refused to be confined to restrictions of gender roles and musical genres. Not to mention his fierce fashion sense!


Brightest Young Things:  Can you tell us a little about “Love Feast” which you produced this Spring? I loved that concept, and I think its something our readers should know about. 

MUNDY: My concept behind Love Feast was to create an event with many different types of performance art and music to entice different demographics of people into being in the same room. They just might meet someone they never would have otherwise, or be inspired by a connection to something new.


Brightest Young Things:  A big part of ‘Love Feast’ was cross-collaboration with other mediums of art – dance, burlesque, DJs, etc. What’s the benefit of mixing those types of mediums for an audience?

MUNDY: After the second Love Feast, this past May, the effect of the concept became very clear. The love is what brings us together. “Let us feast on good vibes” I said, and everyone soaked it up, leaving sated and inspired. The third Love Feast is on the horizon.

Brightest Young Things: What are you plans for the rest of 2015?

MUNDY: 2015 has already been a crazy ride. It’s all happening. I’m so excited to sing at the BYT pride party this Friday. Then, we are playing the Filmore in Silver Spring on June 27th, and Rams Head Live in Baltimore on July 25th. We will be releasing our EP very soon which will be accompanied by an epic release party – and our first video this summer.


Mundy performs this Friday, June 12 at the BYT/Capital Pride FLASHBACK Opening Party. Tickets are sold-out. Sorry! More on MUNDY on Twitter at @MUNDYMUSIK.

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