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88DC‘s latest incarnation FLASH took place at Jackie’s Backroom in Silver Spring on Saturday night. Thanks to founder/creator David Fogel, the wheels on this bus draw artistic types from the DC metro area for events catering to the design oriented. This party featured two screens onto which the organizers had projected on one side the shots you see here, and on the other some design elements from the resident designer for the night. There were at least three DJs in attendance spinning an assorted mix of beats, dancing was lively.

The space itself (Jackie’s Backroom) seemed specially suited to this kind of event. Chic interior and stark fixtures gives it a kind of cutting edge appeal, definitely an appealing space for a designer influenced party. Despite being in Silver Spring, it comprises an up and coming area known for some of DC’s best food… a spot worth checking out.

08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-12 08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-3

The crowd showed some age diversity that was nice to see, 88DC’s frontman, David Fogel, pictured on the right, third from left.

08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-34 08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-44

08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-2 08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-37

DJ’s galore, and local photog, Graham.

08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-39 08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-7

08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-27 08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-6

08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-13 08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-31



08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-32 08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-21

Even a token Chris Burns appearance, local Silver Spring lover.

08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-28 08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-17


08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-11 08_4.18_FLASH@JackiesBR-15

Also, feel free to peruse and comment on Dakota’s shots here as well