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Ricky Martin SHOCKED the world yesterday when he announced for the first time that he is gay.  The BYGays can’t handle the unexpected news, so we’ve decided to share a few more SHOCKING facts with the world just to even the score.

Here are five things as SHOCKING as Ricky Martin being gay:

1. Jeremy Piven is an asshole.


2. Your NCAA Brackets Suck this Year. You ain’t winning shit in your office pool.


3. Beth Ditto is Fat and Fabulous.


4. Canada will never be a real country.


5. Tim Gunn is a Sharp Dresser


BONUS: Johnny Weir is Gay

us 2005 Weir

BONUS: Evan Lysacek is Gay


BONUS: Almost every fucking ice skater is gay.


We’re not sure if you can handle this shockingly obvious facts, but someone had to just rip the band-aid off.   Thanks to DJ Shea Van Horn for inspiring us with his website RickyMartinIsGay.com.  You can catch Shea this Friday as he spins at his dirty, dark disco party RAW at the Green Lantern.

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