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The New Year is all about beginnings, but in the world of Netflix a lot coming to an end. Due to their various contracts with studios and content providers, dozens of movies and television shows will be unavailable starting January 1st. Although some websites sounded the proverbial alarm and others provided a thorough list of what’s leaving in the purge, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t worry:

1)      There are still hundreds and hundreds of great movies on Netflix. There’s simply no way you’ll make it through the catalog, ever, and the loss of some titles create an opportunity to pore over what’s left. Several of my favorite films from 2013 (e.g. Upstream Color, In the House, Computer Chess, Europa Report, Frances Ha, Side Effects, to name a few) are still streaming. There are still countless quality titles in every conceivable genre.

2)      A lot of what’s leaving sucked anyway. Oh, no, how else am I going to watch Species II or Stop or My Mom Will Shoot? There’s no denying Netflix will lose some quality titles – I’m especially bummed about the loss of Brick, which I’ve revisited a few times – I’d wager that the average Netflix score of all the purged titles is just around 3/5. In terms of quality, the purge might even be a net gain.

3)      At $8 a month for a streaming-only plan, it’s still a steal. Let’s say you watch one movie a week, you’re catching up on Breaking Bad, and you like to get high and watch old episodes of Adventure Time. Divide that along $8, and damn Netflix still provides a good value. Sure the website has its problems – they do not maintain their DVD inventory well, and their instant library could be more transparent – but this is hardly reason to jump ship.

4)      Other streaming services still offer great stuff. Netflix is a big part of the world of content-streaming, but it’s not alone. Amazon Prime is great, too – it arguably offers a better deal than Netflix – and a Hulu+ account provides access to most of the Criterion Collection. With so many cord-cutting devices like Roku and Chromecast, Netflix remains necessary but by no means a complete part of the savvy viewer’s content-consuming.

5)      Netflix still creates amazing original content. House of Cards and Orange is the New Black return next year, there are countless of stand-up comedy specials that are exclusive to Netflix only, and there are even plans for a collaboration with Marvel (which has become an entertainment behemoth as of late). Even without all the titles that are already available, I’d be willing to pay for access to their top-tier programming.


Don’t panic! All is well! Now go watch In the House already because, damn it, it deserves a wider audience.