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It took me thirty years, but I finally got interested in personal finance and “growing my wealth”. (Don’t worry, I just shuddered saying those words, too.) That’s not to say I’m an expert (LOL, far from it), but I feel like I’ve been making pretty okay strides for the past six months since I decided to dip my toes in. I’ve gotten my information from a variety of sources (books, podcasts, etc.), but one of the best learning platforms (in my personal opinion) has been YouTube; there are tons of channels specifically dedicated to breaking things down for the average person (see also: me, and maybe also you) in very manageable 10-30 minute videos. Since April is typically a month where everyone’s got money on their minds (THANKS A REAL LOT, TAXES), I figured it couldn’t hurt to share five of the channels I’ve found to be most helpful on this (very) slow journey:

The Financial Diet

TFD was my “gateway drug” into the world of personal finance, and I think it’s because they approach the topic in a very non-scary, non-judgmental way. The video content is definitely geared more towards the lifestyle end of things, so you’ll find lots of content about tips and habits to develop for improved budgeting and saving. They also cover solid ground when it comes to investing and making your money work harder for you, so you’re definitely likely to find at least one video that applies to your situation and your goals.

Next Level Life

Next Level Life focuses pretty heavily on early retirement and what you need to do to get there, so there’s emphasis on things like 401Ks and IRAs and ye olde stock market. I like that the videos (which are illustrated and feature a narrator) are incredibly easy to understand; again, I am by no means an expert in the financial arena, and NLL caters to that 100% by breaking things down in simple, easy to digest terms.

Graham Stephan

If you’re looking to dip your toes into passive income streams, especially real estate, then Graham Stephan is a pretty good guide to get you started; he gives step-by-step advice re: buying your first rental property, gets into the nitty gritty of mortgages, etc. But even if that’s not something you’re into, rest assured that he does create other kinds of finance-related content. I personally am not interested in owning real estate at this point in my life, so I tend to watch his other videos, which range from his opinions on best credit cards, best banks, best side hustles, etc. Easy to understand, and good material to ruminate on.

Nate O’Brien

If you’re specifically looking for ways to generate more income, either actively or passively, I’ve found that Nate O’Brien’s channel has some pretty good ideas. He also delves into things like investing and saving for retirement, but the focus is frequently on the actual earning side of things. Again, very easy to follow, and plenty of actionable tips in each video.

Matt D’Avella

Matt’s channel isn’t completely devoted to personal finance, but I think he brings a well-roundedness to the subject that’s lacking elsewhere. He’s more about lifestyle changes and an overall mindset shift, and I think that his videos provide some solid food for thought when it comes to bigger picture thinking. For example, he is an advocate for minimalism and living more simply to boost mindfulness and productivity, which, while not up everyone’s street, can really help you to achieve your financial goals in the long run. So, if you’re in the market for building better habits on the road to financial freedom, he’s your guy.