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Jamie, Katie, Karen, and Kiki of Five Four have some advice for all the girls in DC: Don’t date dumb boys, don’t date boys who tell you they have girlfriends, and especially don’t date that boy named Tim with the shitty hair cut. Instead, Date robots.

Listen, read, and take heed!


1. “My Love Song”

Jamie: I think it was one of our first songs- it’s about becoming jaded.

Katie: We’ve had older recordings of this but Karen’s guitar part is really amazing and we thought we should have it recorded professionally to really do the song justice. I think this is the song that really blends all of our instruments and styles together to create something darkly beautiful. Jamie’s vocals are always extremely breathy but if you pay attention to the lyrics it haunts you!

Karen: Yeah, we’ve been playing this song forever, but I still love playing it live because all the different instruments blend together for that big wall of sound you hear on the recording.

Kiki: This song makes me nostalgic and i think about how happiness can come out of any bad situation, karen’s guitar makes me feel that everything is going to be okay no matter what happens.

2. “Creepy Cool Ways (Robot Love Song)”

Jamie: It is about the perfect boyfriend, a robot!

Karen: Robots are pretty fabulous

Katie: Yeah, boys may talk back but robots do whatever you say. I remember Jamie saying that once when we were writing the song. This song came about because I was playing the opening keyboard sound and decided it sounded like a robot. That’s a little silly but we had just finished Alien Love Song and didn’t want to discriminate. We love aliens and robots and you may see a ninja song too at some point. This whole song is sort of a dialogue between Jamie and the robot. Right before the keyboard/guitar solo we all yell “talk” and the song switches to a minor key so the robot can sing its ballad back to Jamie. Maybe you should just listen to it….

Kiki: I love how this song is about a robot, it’s very refreshing! and it makes me happy to have robot friends.

3. “Don’t Leave Me”

Jamie: The lesson is don’t date dumb boys! Date good ones!

Katie: This is personally, my favorite song of ours. Silver Sonya had a grand piano when we were last there and I decided I wanted to use it so wrote an elaborate piano part. When we went back to record the piano was gone! I had to settle for the upright but I appreciated the opportunity to put my classical training to use. I love this song because I think it’s a subject anyone can relate to, the stage in a relationship where you can feel it crumbling but you just can’t let go. Did I mention yet how much I love Jamie’s lyrics?

Karen: Ok, I might be confusing this with another song because most of my brain is being used to crank out papers so i can graduate in a couple weeks (and all my band-mates can testify that I’ve already had a brain fart today), but I think there was a time were we all wanted to shoot a music video using this song me where we all drove around in Kiki’s awesome old school VW bug. Or maybe we just wanted to sell it for a car commercial so we could make loads of money. Or maybe I’m just delirious. Who knows.

Kiki: I love this song, Katie’s keyboard part feels like a ray of hope in the middle of a sad yet hopeful song.


4. “I Told You”

Jamie: Don’t date boys that tell you they have a girlfriend.

Katie: Um, I think Jamie would know best but it’s catchy and we clap on the recording. SOMEONE had issues clapping on time but I won’t reveal who that was. My Dad says this is our “That Thing You Do” song.

Kiki: This song is upbeat and I have no idea what the lyrics are but it’s fun to play

5. “Let’s Go”

Jamie: That song is about Karen and Tim (the male slut of DC) and how she told him he had a terrible haircut! Gosh all the songs are about boys.

Karen: Haha. that’s awesome. i knew the song was about me, but i didn’t know the details. Anyways, iIm a better person now. I swear. but yeah, “Let’s Go” was fun to write, because we all wrote it together at one of our practices. I came up with a guitar riff, and we just all started playing around until we came up with something we liked. But yeah, I didn’t find out what Jamie’s lyrics were until months later at a party. I was pretty wasted at the time when she told me, so it’s nice to finally know.

Katie: The moral of the story is don’t make Five Four mad. We will write songs about you and tell BYT all about it!

Kiki: I like the feel of this song, it makes me feel powerful like Five Four could conquer and destroy, just kidding. I do like how this song totally wakes the audience up.

So ladies, erase that Tim-the-slut’s number from your phone (since you all have it) and go get yourselves a robot! Maybe this stud is still on the market

Five Four celebrates the release of their new EP Bang Bang Robot this Saturday April 26th show at Rock And Roll Hotel