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Sometimes we brunch for breakfast. Sometimes we brunch for lunch. And other times, we brunch for chocolate. If you’re craving something sweet, here are five brunches to try with a killer chocolate dessert:

PSA: Don’t forget to use our MASSIVE DC BRUNCH GUIDE in general.


Toro Toro

A latin steakhouse probably isn’t the first place you’d think of for brunch, or dessert. We weren’t sure either, until we tried it. Toro Toro’s Mexican chocolate waffles are rich and intoxicating – I mean just look at them. You can pair these with either chipotle bacon and a nutella sauce, or a nut and berry parfait or a tiramisu style jarred dessert. Or, from our review, “just put some bananas and berries on a big plate and slather them in that nutella sauce, or go back for more croissants (the BYT photographer had one with EACH plate), wrap some bacon in it, DIP IT into that nutella sauce and throw all caution to the wind.” If it sounds dangerous, that’s because it is. This dessert is not for the faint of heart.



If you are feeling a little faint, or just not sure that you can handle that much chocolate, then go with this classic option. Bearnaise, a French restaurant, offers delectable chocolate croissants dusted with powdered sugar. The rest of their menu is just as delicately crafted, so you’ll find the perfect savory options to complement this sweet dessert. Their formula is tried and true, and like we said in our review, “Why mess with classics?”


Or maybe you just want an entire bowl of chocolate. At Central, you’ll have the option of choosing a chocolate mousse for dessert, with raspberry jam at the center and crispy chocolate bites scattered on top. Pick this option. The best thing about this brunch is that you already know the rest of the meal is going to be great. From our review, “Central is one of the staples of the DC’s dining scene, known for its classic French cuisine, upscale dining room, and impeccable service.” Top it off with this rich dessert and you’ve got a winner.


DGS Delicatessen

At DGS Delicatessen, brunch comes with your choice of two courses, either an appetizer and entree or an entree and a dessert (clearly, we’re going with this one). Which is probably for the best, since you’re going to want to save your appetite for dessert, where they’ve got not just one but two options. From our review, “Chocolate cake is a little dry but the frosting is so luscious it doesn’t even matter. Chocolate chip bread pudding is dense and delicious, topped with luxurious salted caramel ice cream.” You be the judge.


Marco’s Trattoria

If you’re worried about your health and feeling guilty about all the chocolate you’re about to consume, we’ve got a healthy option for you. Marco’s Trattoria offers whole-wheat chocolate donuts, and for all intents and purposes, they’re just as good as any other chocolate dessert. But healthier. Plus you can complement your meal with some equally healthy brunch options, which we’ve already reviewed for you. You’re welcome.