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Brunch is a unique meal that can be enjoyed in many different ways. This week were suggesting some of the not-so-typical brunches that D.C. has to offer.  For any other brunching needs please consult our 2014 D.C. Brunch Guide.




Try this Korean- style brunch featuring unique food and a fun atmosphere!

Head to both Dupont or K Street for a Korean take on American brunch classics, like Gim Bap (rice, egg and vegetables wrapped in seaweed in sliced), Korean omelets made with thin layers of egg fried and stuffed with diced vegetables, or Bu Chu Jeon, which is a Korean pancake made with chives and zucchini.



Fried chicken and doughnuts doesn’t sound like great combination but it definitely is.

Fried chicken and doughnuts; it’s all we want and while they still call it “breakfast,” the presence of a full bar and the fact that it is served 10:00am to 2:00pm on a weekend makes us consider this a brunch and there is nothing anyone can do about it.” Check out GBD here.



Brunch tapas sound new and exciting and especially like something you want to try.

Treat yourself to a slew of alternative new brunch tapas like sautéed rice served with tomato, fried egg and Ibérico pork belly as well as pancakes made with Spanish extra virgin olive oil. You can even taste your way through organic fried eggs and fried potatoes with sea urchin add-on, and fried baby shrimp with an organic free range fried egg. This should be a no-brainer.”  Find out more about Jaleo.




Unlimited Dim Sum and brunch should go hand and hand and here they luckily do.

Twenty-five-dollar unlimited dim sum, $15 bottomless mimosas, served ALL DAY (11am – 10pm) on Sundays.”  Check out Ping Pong Dim Sum here.




Come for the unique atmosphere and enjoy a show while you experience an extensive brunch menu.

“If the spirit moves you, head to The Hamilton for an incredible brunch spread with items like benedicts, corned beef hash (house made corned beef, crispy potato cake, baby kale and sunny-side-up duck egg), The Elvis (fried bananas, brown sugar, maple house cured bacon and peanut butter sauce), shrimp and grits (stone ground cheese grits, andouille sausage, spinach, and buttery Creole sauce), and Brioche French Toast (winter citrus, cardamom whipped cream, orange marmalade and maple syrup). The space is huge, light, and comfortable, making for a lovely Sunday-morning-into-afternoon spot for perching. BONUS: They also throw the occasional gospel brunch, typically with two separate seatings and a stellar buffet. Check their schedule for upcoming shows.