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Parent’s in town?  Take them to brunch! It’s everyone’s favorite meal and one that will make you look sophisticated without trying to hard.  Check out the places for some delicious food that will surely impress your family. Also be sure to check out the 2014 Brunch Guide for any other brunching needs.

Blue Duck Tavern

It’s delicious and healthy!

“Blue Duck Tavern just added some healthy brunch items to the menu in honor of American Heart Month. Eat your way through gluten-free, low-sugar, and egg white options like the Egg White Frittata with potato, charred onion, kale and Romesco, or the variety of freshly baked, gluten-free coffee cake and muffins in carrot & apple, and chestnut & brown sugar. If anyone can make healthy delicious, it’s Blue Duck.” Check out a full review here.

blue duck tavern


DGS Delicatessan

Parent’s love it when they get their money’s worth.

“DGS not only cornered the happy hour game and the deli game, but they’ve now got the brunch game on lock. They offer two courses and a drink for $27 as well as an a la carte menu with items like the DGS Pastrami Hash (sunny side up eggs with roasted peppers, potatoes and mustard sauce), the Challah French Toast (with toasted almonds and apple maple syrup), and The Benedictberg (poached eggs, DGS smoked salmon, latkes, and Sumac hollandaise). Don’t worry, veggies; they’ve got a solid spread of non-meat options, too, like the Eggplant Reuben and the Shakshouka (poached eggs, tomato and roasted pepper stew, and grilled bread).”  Check out a full review here.


Mintwood Place

An extensive menu and a great atmosphere.

“Mintwood is just that perfect combination of classy-yet-casual-enough AND very delicious that the parents respond to very well. They recently took the sunchoke soup off the brunch menu, but the rest of the menu is still top notch. Try a variety of breakfast flammekueches, or perhaps some wood-fired heritage ham, broccolini and poached egg. No? Maybe the suckling pig hash with sunny-side-up egg or the breakfast succotash is for you. Regardless of your own brunch preferences, there’s something for everyone.”

The Diner

They’ll appreciate The Diner’s classic style and options.

“My #1 brunch problem is that I have no clue whether I want something sweet or savory and so I often order 2 entrees (#noshame). I love the Diner Breakfast Royale because for $12.95 it completely eliminates this stress from my life: pick the way you want your eggs (sunny side up), what meat you want (sausagesssssssss), french toast or pancakes (pancakes), potatos or grits (grits, with extra butter on the side), and what type of toast you want (wheat, with some more extra butter on the side) and you’re all set.”  See more of what The Diner has to offer here.




Mix it up a little.  Try a new kind of brunch.

“Treat yourself to a slew of alternative new brunch tapas like sautéed rice served with tomato, fried egg and Ibérico pork belly as well as pancakes made with Spanish extra virgin olive oil. You can even taste your way through organic fried eggs and fried potatoes with sea urchin add-on, and fried baby shrimp with an organic free range fried egg. This should be a no-brainer.” Check out a full review here.


Have a great weekend!