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The French language may not have its own word for brunch, but the French certainly know how to enjoy this meal, which my online translator defines as “a meal eaten in addition to instead of breakfast and lunch.” Here’s our guide to help you ~bruncher~ this weekend, in honor of L’Enfant (or something).

The popular French bistro in Petworth is expanding its weekend offerings to include our favorite meal, beginning this Sunday from 11-3. Traditional fare, vegetarian options, and Chez Billy staples such as the Royale with Cheese burger are expected to inhabit the menu. If that’s not enough, $15 bottomless mimosas are also in the cards. We’re in.


Photo by Patrick Onofre, Courtesy of Chez Billy.

Not only is Le Grenier’s Brunch deal incroyable ($18.95 for two courses and a glass champagne or a mimosa), their entrees are accompanied by some of the best frites in DC. Read our full review here, which includes more photos and drool-inducing descriptions of these babies. Just for this weekend, we’ll stop calling them Freedom Fries.


There are very few occasions where the English language is more beautiful than French. One occasion is found on the menu at Brixton: Sticky. Toffee. French. Toast. In fact, just read the description of this dish in our full review, which includes phrases such as “warm custardy texture.” For the sweet tooths out there, we recommend Brixton for your weekend jaunt.


Hopefully, the hardest decision you have to make these week is “Sweet or Savory.” Whichever you decide, Malmaison in Georgetown has you covered. On the sweet side, “Pear with Chocolate” catches our eye, as does “Bernadotte” (Smoked salmon with asparagus) on the savory. You know what? Just get both.


This DC Institution is highlighted on our Best DC Brunch Guide for a reason. Le Diplomate’s morning menu is extensive, proving it to be the DC hub for delicious French fare: tartines, eggs, seafood, salads, and cocktails abound. And, with any luck, you’ll be able to share a Croque-Madame with Biden. See our full review here.