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There is only a few weeks left of summer. So this week we are focusing on ways you can maximize it. How are we doing that? By presenting you with the five best outdoor and/or bottomless brunches to try. Looking for something else? Always check our D.C Brunch Guide 2014 and our DC Outdoor Drinking Guide for other options.


Depending on who you are, Eastern European may not sound the most appetizing for bottomless brunch. But Ambar’s $35 bottomless brunch will change that. Just check out what we had to say of the food:

“First and foremost, order the cheese pie. A pillowy bundle of phyllo is stuffed with some kind of delicious crumbly cheese and baked to golden perfection. The dish comes with a pair of pies, but you should get as many orders as you can because it is impossible to get sick of these bad boys.”




Another bottomless brunch option, there is one thing that you HAVE to get, even though it isn’t included in the brunch deal. Also, check out our review of their brunch.

“Additional advice: even though side dishes are not included in the deal, you must get an order of the latkes. Advice is really the wrong word as this is not a suggestion. It’s an order. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, perfectly seasoned and served with sour cream and housemade applesauce, these are the best damn latkes in town. And if you are hungover, they are all the more golden. An order of the housemade pickles is also essential; they are addictively tart and crunchy.”



Bottomless brunch at the Ritz-Carlton that is actually affordable? Yes! For $40 you can get bottomless Mimosas or Bloody Marys and three small plates. Per usual, check out our review and look at all the food porn.

“Unlike most places in DC (which use the cheapest sparkling wine in the world, resulting in an inevitable headache) Degrees, the restaurant at the Ritz, uses Chandon in their mimosas. Classic, American sparkling wine that is perfect for brunch. Don’t want the OJ? Just ask your server, and chances are, he will hook you up.”



Patio seating, and a rooftop pool upstairs? It’s the perfect way to enjoy the last days of summer. Try not to drool when you are scrolling through our pictures from Art and Soul.

“To complete this picture, now that the origins of it remain exposed, I must go into the food. The food. Pulled pork sliders and mini brisket sandwiches on tiny fresh biscuits, and I mean fresh as in I watched those babies pop out of the oven. Slightly spicy pimento cheese sandwiched between house-made crackers. Tender Louisiana shrimp resting on a paste of grits and a slice of toasted bread. Bacon cornbread, let me say it once more, there was bacon cornbread, amen.”



“Sixteen-dollar bottomless mimosas in a place that really doesn’t seem like it would serve anything bottomless (so-if you need to seem like you’re taking your family somewhere super nice but need to squeeze some serious drinks in without seeming suspicious, this would be our #1 picks of this round for a good family-visit brunch). PLUS they have a gorgeous outdoor patio and food like Harissa Skirt Steak and chorizo with eggs and spiced pork sausage, stewed tomato, potatoes, roasted pepper and baked eggs.”


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