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all photos: Franz Mahr

It was probably a pretty risky move for the W Hotel to close down their very popular POV Lounge in the middle of summer for renovations BUT from what we can see it, has paid off.

140909POV Lounge6

The new space is, well, a lot brighter and younger in spirit, while drawing on different parts of DC’s history and legacy for inspiration: from cherry blossoms on one of the murals to the light installation with the signing of the Declaration of Independence date, there are Washington trivia moments sprinkled throughout.

140909POV Lounge14

The new look comes with a new cocktail program (scroll to the bottom for a full list of the Fall Cocktail menu changes too, which W lead bartender Joseph Ambrose collaborated on with BYT fave Owen Thomson, all of it overseen by the new nightlife concepts director Daniel Hatem) AND a new musical direction (full disclosure: BYT’s Svetlana Legetic is serving as a musical curator consultant for the new DJ nights and POV Live happenings).

140909POV Lounge21


What can you expect in terms of music now? On Thursday, the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang night will feature indie rock and throwback staples, on the Friday night’s DiscoBeaux nights, the DJs will look to the roots of disco and dance music, addressing the golden era clubs (both in the US and internationally), keeping things slinky and luxurious, and the Saturdays will pick up on the late 90s and go through the 2000s and what dance music is today (and tomorrow).

A whole new point of view apparently.

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