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Pop-up season is in full effect. Kind of. Drink Company‘s three lavishly decorated (and wildly popular) Christmas bars have been open for weeks now, Ivy & Coney has fully transitioned into the Hanukkah wonder that is Chai-vy & Cohen-y, that Star Wars pop-up bar on H Street seems to be chugging along and now we’re adding a brand new contender to the mix.

DC9 Vodka Pop Up Bar-2

DC9, one of the last bars we thought would jump on the pop-up band wagon, has transformed the first level of their nightclub into a carbonated dream. Their team has taken the most basic (in more ways than one) cocktail, the vodka soda and ran wild with it, creating a fully fledged concept out of thin air. They’ve hung up 500 yards of bubble wrap, strung cans upon cans of everyones favorite fake bougie sparkling water, La Croix, and crafted a menu featuring nine different plays on the vodka soda. It’s campy, silly and infectiously fun, while also lightly teasing our transient city’s favorite transient activity.

DC9 Vodka Pop Up Bar-1

Cocktail-wise, DC9 is keeping it simple. For the classic La Croix lovers, there’s the Pamplamousse featuring nothing by Absolut Ruby Red and La Croix, as well as our personal favorite the Snow Ball, which pairs Absolut Vanilla with La Croix’s coconut flavor. Even if you hate coconut La Croix (or sparkling water in general) it’s a damn good mix. Want something with a little more flavor? The Berry Merry was our second favorite drink. The combination of Stoli Blueberi vodka, berry La Croix and blackberry puree makes for a drink that’s light, sweet and damn refreshing. It doesn’t feel seasonally appropriate, but it’s so easy to drink we don’t really care. There’s also the Egg Cream for Two if you want to really get wild. Featuring Van Gogh espresso vodka, chocolate syrup and club soda, it tastes kind of like a milkshake, but also not at all like a milkshake. What I’m saying is, it’s an adventure.

DC9 Vodka Pop Up Bar-7

Of course, if all of these sound like too much, you can always go with the Basic. It’s a magical, never before seen combination of vodka and soda that’s effervescent as hell. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple.

DC9 is located at 1940 9th Street NW. The vodka soda pop-up bar is running from December 18 – 28. DC9 will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas and to be honest for obvious reasons.

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