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Words and photos: Lauren Jones

Foggy Bottom institution Tonic at Quigley’s has recently seen a serious upgrade that makes us want to tiki. They’ve opened a garden patio in addition to a new awning with fans and heat lamps to cover its existing outdoor sidewalk space.

The summer garden patio is removed from the street and offers more of a peaceful setting with wooden picnic tables and a view of actual, real life grass. It’s a nice space to enjoy the beautiful weather (when that actually happens) without sitting right on a sidewalk.


The patio includes a full bar and will be featuring Tiki Tuesdays in the summertime. If you’re hungry, you can look for typical bar food—coconut fried shrimp, pot stickers, fried spring rolls, etc. Bacon wrapped pineapple might even make an appearance. And don’t forget about Tonic’s tater tots. Those tots make us oh so happy.



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