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Photos By Jeff Martin, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

On paper it’s easy to dismiss The High Dive. It’s not Pharmacy (it’s in the old Pharmacy space), the guys opening the place have not previously owned a bar and one of the gentlemen in question is a wine sommelier that worked in L.A.

Don’t dismiss The High Dive.

It will be a simple neighborhood, not dive (it’s clean, their prices aren’t dangerously cheap, they have good beer on tap), bar. Adams Morgan is full of excellent bar/restaurants but not nearly enough no frills shot-and-a-beer bars.

Owners/ managers / guys behind the bar Andrew Stuart and Tristan Magee are college friends. They’ve wanted to do this for 15 years. Though they have experience working at places like Ardeo, Vinoeca and Cactus Cantina, they’re about to open a place with four Guns’n’Roses albums on the jukebox and a Street Fighter arcade game. No TV, no fancy cocktails, no frills.

Happy hour will run Monday through Friday, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. $4 beers on tap, $2 High Life and Combos for sale. Not combo as in beer and a shot for a discounted price, Combo as in snack food with a very liberal use of food science to make glue taste like pizza. Those Combos. They’ll be available at all times, not just happy hour. There are some plans to bring in outside vendors but those are still being ironed out. Patrons are welcome to bring in food and order Combos at all times.

Pharmacy was great because it was simple. The High Dive will most likely be great for the same reasons.

The High Dive opens Tuesday, April 28. Make sure to take one of their business cards and redeem for 15% off a future night if drinking. Or keep it because it has the best motto of any bar in D.C. We’re not revealing it here. Go in and find out.