There are now two hot additions to Georgetown’s dining and bar scene: The Grill Room and The Rye Bar are now officially open in the new Capella Washington, DC Georgetown Hotel. Featuring a picturesque canal-front patio, creative menus and a well-designed interior, The Grill Room and The Rye Bar are helmed by Swedish Chef Jakob Esko, specializing in the preparation of hand-cut, bone-in, artisanal meats, bracingly fresh seafood and memorable tableside preparations. From plate to glass and ambiance to service, the experience at The Grill Room and The Rye Bar appeals to all senses.
The daily-changing menus at The Grill Room are creative but uncomplicated, and offer seasonal flavors presented with detailed craftsmanship in the 70-seat restaurant. Meats and fish are prepared in personalized methods best suited to sharing the distinct flavors and textures of the individual cuts. A succulent American Wagyu is grilled and served with a memorable pancetta and onion tart with truffle and fortified wine sauce, while culinary skill and innovation are showcased in dishes such as Steak Tartare prepared tableside with coarse mustard and Gordy’s pickles and Warm Virginia Ham Natural Clear Soup with asparagus tempura. The lunch program at The Grill Room will feature much of the dinner selections along with a presentation of midday fare ranging from creative soups such as the flavorfulWatercress Soup with Poached Atlantic Cod and Smoked Eel and sandwiches. The Grill Room also offers a power breakfast program and lends itself as an ideal morning meeting place with made-to-order, fresh-pressed juices ranging from orange juice to combinations such as carrot, ginger & lime. The breakfast menu highlights buckwheat crepes, brioche French toast and a well-executed menu of breakfast favorites.


The menu at The Grill Room will be complemented by a personally curated beverage program which offers a concise list of wines from around the globe highlighting an extensive collection of wines by the glass. A hallmark of The Grill Room’s beverage program will be the Champagne Cart, which will feature access to 8-10 labels of Champagne by the glass including labels such as Veuve Clicquot Grande Dame, Ruinart and several varieties of Tattinger. Capella Hotels’ longstanding relationship with the Tattinger Champagne house provides exclusive access to Tattinger’s private collection, which will be showcased on the Champagne Cart.



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